Confit of Dorset Lamb shoulder

Confit of Dorset Lamb shoulder

Serves 4 as a main course​​​​​​

Confit Lamb shoulder

600g Lamb shoulder, boned
2kg Goose fat
5 stalks of rosemary
5 stalks of thyme
4 heads of garlic
6 star anise
10 juniper berries
6 bay leaves

Beetroot & black onion seed mash

600g Maris Piper potato
50ml of beetroot juice reduction
20g black onion seeds
60ml cold press, virgin Rapeseed oil

Grilled vegetables:

1 vacuum packed beetroot
1 small butternut squash
1 bunch of baby carrots
4 cherry tomato on vine
4 round shallots
2 star anise
1tbsp of raspberry vinegar
1 cube of brown la perruche
40ml Rapeseed oil
1tsp of Maldon salt
0.5 tsp of crack black pepper
1 rosemary stalk

Confit of Dorset Lamb shoulder

To finish​​​​​​

Port Jus, affilla cress, red mustard frill, pea gel,  rosemary foam
First place Lamb in deep casserole dish cover with goose fat and add all herbs, cook on 80 degrees for 24 hours.

Next day keep Lamb still in oven, peel potato and cook them with pinch of salt water till tender. Open pack of beetroot ( keep all juice) and place it with raspberry vinegar in shallow pan and cook on low heat till caramelised and place on roasting tray, peel and poach squash in water with one cube of brown sugar and star anise for 5 min, then drain and place on roasting tray with cherry tomatoes and peeled baby carrots and shallots cut in half in length ways, drizzle all vegetables with rapeseed oil, salt, black pepper and rosemary stalk.

Now all vegetables are ready to be re heated in the oven on 190 degree for 5 min, start mashing your potato, add beetroot reduction, oil and seeds and mix with rubber spatula till smooth and red in colour.

Take out the Lamb and dry on cotton cloth, place meat in the centre of the plate and and start building all the vegetables on the top of the meat, finish with  Jus, pea gel, rosemary foam and cress.

All ingredients are coming from Harvest except Lamb