Corporate Social Responsibility


Harvest Fine Foods Corporate Social Responsibility Statement – March 2022

Since Harvest Fine Foods started trading as a limited company in 2001 our responsibility to our planet, our people and our community has always been at the forefront of our minds. We have always strived to do what is right and not what is easy to make sure our footprint on the world is as small and as positive as we can make it.

Harvest in the Community

Harvest are Corporate Partners at the Saints Foundation, the charitable arm of Southampton Football Club. We support the Foundation to run welfare programmes for vulnerable families in the Southampton area.

Through our partnership with City Catering Southampton, Harvest also supports vulnerable families across Southampton with the delivery of ‘Cook at Home’ recipe boxes. These boxes help support families during the school holidays, some of whom may be entitled to receive free school meals during term time.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Harvest’s Partnership with City Catering Southampton as well as Crestwood Community College saw us delivering thousands of high quality fresh free school meal boxes direct to the homes of children while schools were closed, or the children were in isolation.

Harvest holds regular fundraising events for Fareshare, the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors. During 2020 Harvest raised £10,000 for this charity. On top of fundraising Harvest also support Fareshare by making regular food donations direct from our warehouse to them.

Harvest are also Commercial Partners of Hampshire Fare, the organisation bringing local producers across Hampshire together. This is where we build many of our supply partnerships enabling us to support local businesses.

Harvest and the Environment

Harvest’s commitment to the Environment includes sourcing products from local suppliers when and where we can. We currently have around 40 local suppliers from Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and West Sussex. Whenever possible we will collect from our local suppliers using our own vehicles as they return from their customer deliveries. In this way we lessen the impact of traffic in the local area and reduce the number of empty vehicles on the road.

Harvest’s waste streams are segregated and recycled wherever possible Current segregated waste streams are:

  • Cardboard – all currently recycled
  • Paper – all currently recycled
  • Shrink wrap – All currently recycled
  • Fresh produce waste – given to local farmers to supplement animal feed
  • Waste sugar – donated to local beekeepers
  • Our general waste is currently sifted for further recycling, and any non-recyclable waste will be sent to an energy recovery facility

One of Harvest’s key objectives for 2021 was to become zero to landfill which we are proud to report that we have now completed in December 2021.

Our 56,000 square foot depot utilises LED lighting and state-of-the-art refrigeration to reduce our electricity consumption.

Harvest utilises route management software to ensure our delivery vehicles follow the most fuel-efficient route possible and we also train our drivers in safe and fuel-efficient driving. Our Transport Management team will monitor the drivers Kilometre per litre (KPL) performance working to reduce the overall fuel consumption on an ongoing basis.

Being part of the Country Range Buying Group, Harvest have also been successful in removing 100% of all black non-recyclable plastic from our own label range. We will continue to work with our partners to develop innovative recyclable packaging that maintains the integrity of our products in the supply chain, in order that they arrive at our customers premises in the same condition and with no reduction in shelf–life.

Palm Oil that is used in any Country Range Brand products is accredited to the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil). We are actively working with our suppliers to remove Palm Oil and move to other edible oils. From July 2021 all Country Range Brand Frozen Potato products will be pre-fried in Sunflower Oil rather than Palm Oil.

Harvest and our responsibility to our industry

The commitment Harvest has to our social responsibility does not just include our environment and our community. Harvest believes in supporting the industry we serve and work with several local catering colleges to support budding young chefs with their training.  A day “in-trade” at Harvest’s depot is incorporated into the syllabus of many of the catering courses with our local colleges to help students understand the supply chain.

Harvest are also the principal sponsor and organiser of the Inter College Cooking competition where budding young chefs from all our local colleges across the region face off to showcase their skills to the judges.

Harvest also sponsors the Junior Chef Academy, part of Highbury Colleges awareness programme to attract school leavers to try out catering courses and promote a career path in Hospitality.  

Harvest are also the principal sponsor of the Rotary Club Young Chef of the Year competition for 14, 15 and 16 year olds to also encourage young chefs into Catering College.

Our goals and Objectives

Harvest is committed to moving our car fleet to 100% Hybrid cars by the end of 2022.

Harvest is also committed to supporting the Minstead Trust through 2022, a local charity nurturing the unique potential of people with learning difficulties.

Harvest is committed to fund raising for our local community and have targeted ourselves to raise £5,000 by the end of the 2022.