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We've collated all our useful information into one page, you can find our help sheets, information about apps and safety sheets all here.

COSHH Sheets
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'How to order' guide

You can download our handy 'how to order' guide here.

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Our ordering app

Need to make your orders quickly, easily and on time? Welcome to Coldweb, our Online Ordering App

About Coldweb

Coldweb provides you with a personalised ordering system that is delivered via a customised App at minimum effort.

Orders placed via Coldweb are captured quickly and accurately, while saving you the time and expense of making a telephone call.

The Coldweb app is fully integrated for Android and Apple phones, as well as tablets, that allows you to build your orders offline (very useful when being used in a store or kitchen where the WIFI or cellular data coverage is often poor).

The key benefits to you…

  • It is quick
  • Easy to use
  • Order anywhere on any device
  • Update your order throughout the day
  • See our full product range
  • Pin point what allergens are in each produc

Contact us or ask your Account Manager for your account code and password.

Want to download Coldweb?

  • You can download and install Coldweb on any mobile device, from both Google play or the App Store 
  • The activation code is CHEFFY
  • Start and add to your order throughout the day, anywhere.

We look forward to your order, via Coldweb soon.

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Sign up for free oil collection here

Harvest Fine Foods is pleased to be partnering with Arrow Oils to offer a used cooking oil collection service.

To arrange a collection please complete our collection form and we will be in contact to arrange a collection.

  • Arrow Oils provide 60l or 120l drums for free.
  • Arrow collect and exchange when full.
  • Arrow issue a Waste Transfer Notice.
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