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We are proud of our partnerships and affiliations with some of most respected UK food suppliers as well as local manufacturer and producers. Our relationships are carefully selected to ensure we maintain our high standards and ethos, giving our customers peace of mind, great variety and ethical food sources. We're always interested in hearing from new partners, if you'd like to work with us do get in touch.





saints foundation
Hampshire Fare



Hampshire Fare exists to support local food, drink and craft producers. They are a not-for-profit organisation working closely with over 400 businesses involved in rearing, growing and making an array of produce including cheese, wine, Their aim is to inspire people to explore great produce and flavours on the doorstep. 

Hampshire Fare works to raise awareness in the county and beyond of the outstanding range of food, drink and craft made in Hampshire. They aim to inform, educate and inspire the public to look locally when buying produce and to establish Hampshire as a destination for food lovers.

Hampshire Fare was set up by a small group of Hampshire farmers in 1991 to raise awareness of the produce available in the county.






Saints Foundation is the charity of Southampton Football Club - they are the club's way of giving back.

Using the power and passion of the club to transform lines in and around Southampton, helping people to fulfil their potential to be more involved, healthier and empowered members of the community.

They have numerous projects for all ages and abilities across the city, focusing on those that need the support the most:

Involvement - striving to make sure everybody has a positive place in the community.

Health - motivating people of all ages to lead healthier, happier lives and supporting them to value their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Empowerment - inspiring people to achieve their potential by building confidence and self-belief.

Harvest have been supporting the charity for many years and we are extremely proud to be part of such a great charity.