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Harvest Fine Foods Ltd - New Products

New Products

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  • Last Updated 27/11/23

    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    56408 Coffee Flavoured Cocoa Butter PROVAGOURMET 1x450g
    29555 Cuisin' Easy Premium Spartacus Salad GREENS 4x1.25kg
    18300 Cuisin' Easy Premuim Sultan of Swing Salad GREENS 4x1.25kg
    13950 Cuisin'Nordic Soul Easy Salad GREENS 4x1.25kg
    12136 Curry Keralan Cauliflower & Red Pepper   12x340g
    33407 Kirsch Massenez 48% GRANDES 1x1lt
    58232 Limes Kaffir INDONESIA 1x500g
    15082 Nacho Cheese sauce Macphie MACPHIE 1x1lt
    76739 Norton Finca Malbec NORTON FINCA 6x75cl
    20149 Quinson Provence Rose QUINSON 6x75cl
    46441 Valle De Oron Rueda Verdejo VALLE DE 6x75cl
    73072 Via Alta Sauvignon Blanc VIA ALTA 6x75cl
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