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Harvest Fine Foods Ltd - New Products

New Products

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  • Last Updated 25/ 1/24

    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45572 Bath Blue   av.3.50Kg
    3226 Dressing Blue Cheese RICH SAUCES 1x2.27lt
    45194 Lancashire Blue Wheel   av.2.00Kg
    30603 Mango Curry Sauce - Alfees ALFEES 1x2.25lt
    76575 Mousse Chocolate Flavoured Gluten Free MIDDLETON 1x1.5kg
    52303 Mousse Strawberry Flavoured Gluten Free MIDDLETON 1x1.5kg
    21946 Onions Grelot Mixed Pre Pack ITALY 10x500g
    41471 Onions White 80/100 FRANCE 1x10kg
    62975 Pre Pack Banana Shallots UK 20x250g
    54495 Vegan Kit Kat 4 Finger KIT KAT 1x24
    57396 Wasabi Rhizome LOCAL 1x100g
    44221 Yorkshire Blue SHEPHERDS PU 2x750g
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