Molecular Ingredients

These molecular gastronomy ingredients will create flavourful and visually stunning foods, the perfect ingredients for you wow factor dishes. 

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Molecular Cooking

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    Molecular Gastronomy
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    17072 Algae Powder Aventurine KOPPERT 1x180g
    61719 Algae Powder Emerald KOPPERT 1x180g
    13409 Joypaste Orange Flavour JOYGELATO 1x1.2kg
    46935 Joypaste Raspberry Paste JOYGELATO 1.2kg
    49064 Joypaste Strawberry Paste JOYGELATO 1x1.2kg
    77752 MSG Monosodium Glutamate CENTAUR 1x450g
    16147 Sosa Airbag Grainy Potato SOSA 1x750g
    33194 Sosa Airbag Granite (Granules) SOSA 1x600g
    42322 Sosa Beetroot Powder SOSA 1x300g
    18915 Sosa Citric Acid Powder SOSA 1x1kg
    15629 Sosa Fruit Pectin SOSA 1x500g
    8672 Sosa Gelburgeur - (Meat Glue) SOSA 1x500g
    70286 Sosa Gelcrem Cold SOSA 1x500g
    32092 Sosa Gelespessa Xantana SOSA 1x500g
    8331 Sosa Gellan Gum SOSA 1x500g
    5406 Sosa Ice Cream Stabiliser ProCrema 100 Cold SOSA 1x3kg
    21307 Sosa Isomalt "F" Refined SOSA 1x900g
    30129 Sosa Liquid Glucose SOSA 1x1.5kg
    11329 Sosa Maltodextrin SOSA 1x600g
    77159 Sosa Maltosec SOSA 1x500g
    65337 Sosa Mango Crispy Wet-Proof SOSA 1x400g
    44992 Sosa Natur Emul SOSA 1x500g
    33499 Sosa Passion Fruit Crispy Wet-Proof SOSA 1x400g
    14824 Sosa Potatowhip - Potato based whipping protein SOSA 1x300g
    71367 Sosa Powdered Egg White (ALBUWHIP) SOSA 1x500g
    71120 Sosa Powdered Smoke Flavouring SOSA 1x500g
    22992 Sosa Powdered Soy Lecithin SOSA 1x400g
    52808 Sosa Pro Pannacotta SOSA 1x800g
    42003 Sosa Procrema Hot 100 SOSA 1x3kg
    8806 Sosa Proespuma Cold SOSA 1x700g
    16767 Sosa Proespuma Hot SOSA 1x500g
    78006 Sosa Prosorbet Cold 100 SOSA 1x3kg
    14007 Sosa Raspberry Crispy SOSA 1x300g
    52709 Sosa Raspberry Crispy Wet-Proof SOSA 1x400g
    16984 Sosa Strawberry Crispy 2-10mm SOSA 1x200g
    55790 Sosa Ultratex 3 SOSA 1x400g
    77996 Sosa Vegan Mousse Gelatine Powder SOSA 1x500g
    7135 Sosa Vegetable Setting Powder SOSA 1x500g
    5434 Sosa Xanthan Gum SOSA 1x500g
    32126 Strawberries Dehydrated LOCAL 1x10g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    29348 Pearls Balsamic IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    43457 Pearls Dill Oil IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    54673 Pearls Passion fruit IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    45598 Pearls Salted Caramel IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    76070 Pearls Strawberry IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    48649 Pearls Sweet Beetroot IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    68370 Pearls Yuzu IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    Finishing Glazes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    68068 Balsamic Glaze Cherry IMAGINATIVE 1x150ml
    13618 Balsamic Glaze Chilli IMAGINATIVE 1x150ml
    56460 Balsamic Glaze Fig IMAGINATIVE 1x150ml
    29843 Balsamic Glaze Garlic IMAGINATIVE 1x150ml
    43432 Balsamic Glaze Raspberry IMAGINATIVE 1x150ml
    9228 Balsamic Glaze "Tondo" Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    13910 Balsamic Glaze Vanilla IMAGINATIVE 1x150ml
    71603 Balsamic Glaze of Modena PURO 1x500ml
    72788 Beetroot Glaze EN PLACE 1x250ml
    Gastro Dust
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    35970 Gastrodust Basil IMAGINATIVE 1x30g
    43216 Gastrodust Beetroot IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    75072 Gastrodust Black Truffle IMAGINATIVE 1x100g
    10336 Gastrodust Coriander IMAGINATIVE 1x40gm
    19035 Gastrodust Dill IMAGINATIVE 1x40gm
    13661 Gastrodust Gold Sparkle IMAGINATIVE 1x40g
    26335 Gastrodust Rosemary IMAGINATIVE 1x40gm
    47822 Gastrodust Tarragon IMAGINATIVE 1x30g
    61360 Gastrodust Thyme IMAGINATIVE 1x40g
    51033 Gastrodust Wild Garlic IMAGINATIVE 1x40g
    Gastro Paint
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    21480 Gastropaint Beetroot IMAGINATIVE 1x150gm
    37757 Gastropaint Blueberry IMAGINATIVE 1x150g
    65691 Gastropaint Mango IMAGINATIVE 1x150g
    29140 Gastropaint Rhubarb & Custard IMAGINATIVE 1x150gm
    30985 Gastropaint Strawberry IMAGINATIVE 1x150g
    Oils & Fats
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    43983 Duck Fat Cooks & Co COOKS & CO 1x850g
    24138 Extra Virgin Olive Oil LA ESPANOLA 1x5lt
    10227 Garnishing Oil Basil IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    75353 Garnishing Oil Chilli IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    39235 Garnishing Oil Chive IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    39163 Garnishing Oil Coriander IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    18270 Garnishing Oil Dill IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    44247 Garnishing Oil Lemon IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    47877 Garnishing Oil Roquette IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    53322 Garnishing Oil Rosemary IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    76502 Garnishing Oil Tarragon IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    54945 Garnishing Oil Thyme IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    33619 Garnishing Oil Watercress IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    70676 Hazelnut Oil CENTAUR 1x500ml
    58098 Infused Garlic Olive Oil BELAZU 1x250ml
    36969 Oil Black Truffle TRUFFLEHOUND 1x250ml
    7898 Oil Vegetable PREP ZT Extended Life PREP MULTI 1x15lt
    8979 Oil White Truffle TARTUFI MORR 1x250ml
    30417 Olive Oil Basil Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    6728 Olive Oil Black Truffle Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    52674 Olive Oil Chilli Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    2208 Olive Oil Lemon Extra Virgin Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    7117 Olive Oil White Truffle Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    79893 Pomace Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil Blend LA ESPANOLA 1x5lt
    63888 Pure Sunflower Oil with Vitamin E FLORA 1x1lt
    12547 Rapeseed Oil (BiB) KTC 1x5lt
    49740 Rapeseed Oil (BiB) KTC KTC 1x20lt
    28250 Rapeseed Oil Maple Smoked Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    52323 Rapeseed Oil Pure English Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x5lt
    71382 Rapeseed Oil Pure English Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x500ml
    35610 Rapeseed Oil White Truffle Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    31524 Toasted Sesame Oil CENTAUR 1x500ml
    1285 Trennspray TRENNSPRAY 1x600ml
    17020 Whirl Butter Substitute WHIRL 1x4lt
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