Local Products

At Harvest we are proud to work with some of the finest local growers and producers, from small specialists to award winning farms and market gardeners. We stock a whole range of fresh and ambient products from Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

Harvest Fine Foods Ltd - Local Products

Local Products

  • Local Fruit and Vegetable
  • Local Dairy and Cheese
  • Local Charcuterie & Fish
  • Local Store Cupboard
  • Local Ice Cream
  • Local Wines and Spirits
  • Local Frozen
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    Local Fruit and Vegetable
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    60275 Aubergines Mixed LOCAL 1x12
    16405 Baby Red Plum Tomatoes LOCAL 1x3kg
    6470 Broad Beans LOCAL 1x5kg
    74327 Cabbage Hispi LOCAL 1xeach
    79159 Cabbage Hispi LOCAL 1x10
    10174 Carrots Mix Heritage LOCAL 1xbunch
    79080 Carrots Mix Heritage LOCAL 1x10
    72652 Cavolo Nero LOCAL 1x200g
    79734 Cavolo Nero LOCAL 1x10
    40049 Chard Rainbow LOCAL 1x3kg
    66377 Chard Rainbow LOCAL per kg
    57217 Cocktail Rainbow Vine Tomatoes LOCAL 1x3kg
    41228 Curly Kale PrePack LOCAL 1x200g
    58949 Curly Kale PrePack LOCAL 1x10
    31693 Curly Kale Red LOCAL 1x250g
    11530 Fennel Tops LOCAL 1x8
    56699 Garlic Bulb Black LOCAL 1xeach
    11219 Garlic Bulb Large LOCAL 1xeach
    15945 Garlic Bulb Smoked LOCAL 1xeach
    29580 Garlic Cloves Tub Black LOCAL 1x50g
    73142 Garlic Organic Nets LOCAL 1x300g
    9318 Lettuce Cos LOCAL 1xeach
    9840 Lettuce Cos LOCAL 1x10
    6246 Lettuce Flat LOCAL 1x12
    6650 Lettuce Little Gem LOCAL 2xeach
    8405 Lettuce Little Gem LOCAL 10x2
    7416 Lettuce Lollo Blondo LOCAL 1xeach
    8377 Lettuce Lollo Blondo LOCAL 1x12
    6454 Lettuce Lollo Rosso LOCAL 1x12
    7145 Lettuce Lollo Rosso LOCAL 1xeach
    4991 Lettuce Oakleaf Red LOCAL 1x12
    8420 Lettuce Oakleaf Red LOCAL 1xeach
    70761 Mushrooms King Oyster VARIOUS 1x1kg
    65553 Mushrooms Oyster LOCAL 1x500g
    69127 Padron Peppers LOCAL 1x2.5kg
    78606 Peppers Arreton Gold LOCAL 1x2.5kg
    55205 Peppers Romiro Mixed LOCAL 1x2kg
    30904 Speciality Heritage Tomatoes LOCAL 1x3kg
    60924 Speciality Tomato Punnets LOCAL 1x12
    11024 Strawberries LOCAL 1x400g
    47959 Strawberries LOCAL 20x400g
    79320 Tomatoes Beef Steak Mixed LOCAL 1x3kg
    15970 Tomatoes Cherry Vine I.O.W LOCAL 1x3kg
    39778 Tomatoes Coeur De Boeuf LOCAL 1x3kg
    49464 Tomatoes Colour Cherry Vine LOCAL 1x3kg
    15729 Tomatoes Green Tiger LOCAL 1x3kg
    71986 Tomatoes Mixed Baby Plum LOCAL 1x3kg
    75096 Tomatoes Pick & Mix LOCAL 1x3kg
    59417 Tomatoes Red Tiger LOCAL 1x3kg
    35209 Tomatoes San Arrentino LOCAL 1x3kg
    30764 Tomatoes Speciality LOCAL 1x250g
    46345 Tomatoes Vine Cherry LOCAL 1x225g
    35531 Tomatoes Vine Cocktail LOCAL 1x5kg
    57396 Wasabi Rhizome LOCAL 1x100g
    63802 Watercress LOCAL 1xPunnet
    6355 Watercress Iced LOCAL 1xbunch
    7631 Watercress Iced LOCAL 1x16
    79909 Young Garlic Bunch LOCAL 1xBunch
    38591 Young Garlic Bunches FRESH LOCAL 1x10
    50881 Young Garlic FRESH LOCAL 1x5kg
    46439 Potatoes I.O.W New Potatoes LOCAL 1x5kg
    Local Dairy and Cheese
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    67969 20% Full Fat Soft Cream Cheese BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    15203 Austen Feta Style Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    5322 Barbers Cheese Reserve BARBERS av.1.00Kg
    44981 Blueberry Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x160g
    67498 Blyton Dorset Brie BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    62554 Clotted Cream Tray BV DAIRY 1x1kg
    50747 Coastal Dorset Cheddar COASTAL 1x1kg
    49296 Cranborne Blue BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    52182 Cranborne Blue BOOK&BUCKET av.3.20Kg
    3051 Creme Fraiche BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    1612 Dorset Blue Vinny DORSETBLUE av.1.50Kg
    62683 Dorset Red Cheese FORD FARM av.1.10Kg
    44786 Fat Free Dorset Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x500g
    69226 Full Fat Soft Cream Cheese BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    45320 Garlic Butter Oak Smoked GARLIC FARM 1x200g
    49689 Garlic Butter With Black Garlic GARLIC FARM 1x200g
    23983 Garlic Butter With Parsley Thyme & Black Pepper GARLIC FARM 1x200g
    64428 Hardy's Sheep Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET av.3.00Kg
    73338 Hardy's Sheep Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    22492 Huxley Fire Halloumi Style BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    14975 Huxley Halloumi Style BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    41497 Isle of Wight Blue I.O.W CHEESE 1x180g
    59561 Isle of Wight Soft I.O.W CHEESE 1x180g
    64294 Lyburn Garlic & Nettle Cheese LYBURN FARM av.2.45Kg
    11456 Lyburn Gold LYBURN FARM av.5.00Kg
    44978 Lyburn Gold LYBURN FARM av.2.50Kg
    34628 Lyburn Old Winchester 1/2's LYBURN FARM av.2.50Kg
    44518 Lyburn Smoked 2.5kg LYBURN FARM av.2.45Kg
    5238 Lyburn Stoney Cross LYBURN FARM av.2.50Kg
    56290 Lyburn Winchester LYBURN FARM av.2.45Kg
    21025 Mascarpone BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    46432 Mixed Berry Kefir DORSET DAIRY 1x500ml
    16314 Natural Kefir DORSET DAIRY 1x500ml
    38606 Natural Yoghurt BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    64632 Old Winchester Wheel LYBURN FARM av.5.00Kg
    14009 Orwell Sheeps Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    31801 Orwell Topped With Pink Peppercorns BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    57314 Potter Soft Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    65436 Raspberry Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x160g
    1479 Rosary Ash Goats Log (small) ROSARY 1x275g
    25442 Rosary Dazel Ash ROSARY 1x220g
    44440 Rosary Garlic & Parsley ROSARY 2x1kg
    65827 Rosary Garlic & Parsley Button ROSARY 1x100g
    1480 Rosary Goat Log Plain 1kg ROSARY 1x1kg
    9671 Rosary Goats Log ROSARY 1x275g
    21853 Rosary Little Lepe ROSARY 2x70g
    28866 Rosary St. Ella Cheese ROSARY 2x70g
    49966 Shakespeare Cheese BOOK&BUCKET av.1.00Kg
    37219 Shakespeare Sheeps Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    56088 Smoked Blyton Dorset Brie BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    63764 Smoked Huxley BOOK&BUCKET av.0.75Kg
    12214 Smoked Huxley Halloumi Style BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    42016 Smoked Wordsworth BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    46986 Soured Cream (Set) BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    49993 Strawberry Kefir DORSET DAIRY 1x500ml
    51672 Strawberry Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x160g
    33432 Truffle Butter TRUFFLEHOUND 1x180g
    1495 Tunworth Soft HAMP CHEESE 1x250g
    38286 Whole Milk Dorset Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x500g
    55665 Wilde Garlic Soft Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    46225 Wordsworth Cheese BOOK&BUCKET av.3.50Kg
    51021 Wordsworth Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    59222 Yoghurt Natural Greek Style BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    Local Charcuterie & Fish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    12351 Beef Snacking Salami REAL CURE 1x70g
    42454 Black Truffle Salami REAL CURE 1x200g
    72839 Dorset Bresaola REAL CURE 1x200g
    59286 Dorset Pancetta REAL CURE 1x200g
    71700 Fennel & White Pepper Salami REAL CURE 1x200g
    49421 Hartgrove Coppa REAL CURE 1x200g
    17007 Mixed Charcuterie Platter REAL CURE 1x300g
    12731 Sloe & Garlic Wild Venison Salami REAL CURE 1x200g
    58191 Trout Cold Smoked Long Slice CHALKSTREAM 1x100g
    32518 Trout Hot Smoked D Cut CHALKSTREAM 1x125g
    12841 Trout Hot Smoked Whole Side CHALKSTREAM av.0.65Kg
    56398 Wild Venison Beer Sticks REAL CURE 1x70g
    Local Store Cupboard
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27551 Aubergine Round LOCAL 1x8
    13408 Caramelised Onion Marmalade TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.5kg
    8537 Chutney Apple & Cider Brandy TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.3kg
    8452 Chutney Apricot & Ginger HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    58420 Chutney Chunky Tomato and Chilli TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.2kg
    2274 Chutney Real Ale Harvest HOGS BOTTOM 1x3kg
    2283 Chutney Spicy Gooseberry & Coriander HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    4918 Chutney Spicy Tomato Onion HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    21261 Dorset Cereal Simply Delicious Muesli DORSETCEREAL 5x650g
    28297 Dorset Cereals Chocolate & Cherry Granola DORSETCEREAL 1x5x550g
    61069 Dorset Cereals Honey Granola DORSETCEREAL 1x5x500g
    28953 Dorset Cereals Nutty Granola DORSETCEREAL 1x5x550g
    5098 Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli Portion Pack DORSETCEREAL 1x18x85g
    76905 Drinking Chocolate 30% Add Milk Mortimer MORTIMER 1x2kg
    23801 Drinking Chocolate Salted Caramel Mortimer MORTIMER 1x1kg
    16318 Fresh Chilli Jam TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.4kg
    45118 Honey Clear Runny BECKYS BEEZZ 1x340gm
    17881 Honey Comb Cut Heather BECKYS BEEZZ 1xEach
    45273 Jam Raspberry HOGSBOTTOM 1x340g
    49003 Jam Rhubarb & Ginger HOGSBOTTOM 1x340g
    2273 Jam Strawberry Finest HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    2262 Jam Strawberry Finest Harvest HOGS BOTTOM 1x340g
    52042 Ketchup Proper Tomato Tracklements TRACKLEMENTS 6x290g
    2272 Marmalade Breakfast HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    2292 Marmalade Onion HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    5066 Marmalade Spicy Red Onion HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    2270 Marmalade Vintage Thick Cut HOGSBOTTOM 1x340g
    50026 Mortimers Instant Hot Chocolate Sachets MORTIMER 200x25g
    2524 NF Water Sparkling Glass NEWFOR WATER 12x750ml
    2526 NF Water Still Glass 750ml NEWFOR WATER 12x750ml
    47531 Natural Cacao Powder Mortimer MORTIMER 1x1kg
    36969 Oil Black Truffle TRUFFLEHOUND 1x250ml
    56302 Particularly British Piccalilli TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.2kg
    28250 Rapeseed Oil Maple Smoked Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    52323 Rapeseed Oil Pure English Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x5lt
    71382 Rapeseed Oil Pure English Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x500ml
    35610 Rapeseed Oil White Truffle Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    69004 Sauce Mint Traditional Tracklements TRACKLEMENTS 6x150g
    30563 Sea Salt Dorset DORSET SEA 1x1kg
    79182 Water Sparkling Glass New Forest 330ml NEWFOR WATER 24x330ml
    51201 Water Still Glass New Forest 330ml NEWFOR WATER 24x330ml
    30979 Water Still Sports Cap New Forest 500ml NEWFOR WATER 24x500ml
    41267 White Drinking Chocolate MORTIMER 1x1kg
    Local Ice Cream
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    64755 Billy & Margot Strawberry & Apple Dog Ice Treat BILLY&MARGOT 16x160ml
    39612 Blackberry Clotted Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4ltr
    36625 Chocolate Caramel Pot NEWFORESTICE 1x6ea
    31699 Fruit Vortex NEWFOREST 20x85ml
    45407 G/F Broccoli & Stilton Quiche MAD K 8x300g
    26179 Jazzie NEWFORESTICE 25x90ml
    54808 New Forest Banoffee Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    34846 New Forest Blackberry Clotted Cream Dairy Ice Cream 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    59128 New Forest Blackcurrant Sorbet High Fruit NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    8970 New Forest Blackcurrant Squeeze Up NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    58705 New Forest Blood Orange Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    10459 New Forest Brownie & White Chocolate Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    9064 New Forest Bubblegum Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    3002 New Forest Champagne Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    9752 New Forest Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream with Ripple/Choc Chips NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    49538 New Forest Chocolate Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x10lt
    8066 New Forest Chocolate with Ripple 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    9702 New Forest Clotted Cream Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    9604 New Forest Coconut Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    7494 New Forest Coffee Mocha Swirl Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    65802 New Forest Continental Style Vanilla Ice Cream 10Lt NEWFORESTICE 1x10lt
    21590 New Forest Dairy Biscoff Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4ltr
    14384 New Forest Dairy Vanilla Pod Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    75051 New Forest Double Bubble NEWFORESTICE 30x85ml
    34539 New Forest Gin & Pink Grapefruit Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    5493 New Forest Honeycomb Swirl Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    63695 New Forest Lemon & Lime Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    6590 New Forest Lemon & Lime Squeeze Up NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    24259 New Forest Lemon Sorbet 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    59324 New Forest Lime & Coconut Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    3004 New Forest Mango Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    40670 New Forest Millionaire's Shortcake Ice cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    63864 New Forest Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x10lt
    8069 New Forest Mint Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream with Choc Ripple NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    7649 New Forest Mint Chocolate with Ripple 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    8620 New Forest Mint Cone NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    6057 New Forest Orange Squeeze Up NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    66072 New Forest Oriental Ginger Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    76711 New Forest Pistachio Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4.7lt
    3007 New Forest Raspberry Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    7897 New Forest Rum & Raisin Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    72622 New Forest Rum & Raisin Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x10lt
    72871 New Forest Salted Caramel 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    14090 New Forest Salted Caramel Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    46118 New Forest Salted Caramel Vegan Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    33071 New Forest Smoothie Tropical Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x24pk
    24615 New Forest Squeeze Up Cola NEWFORESTICE 16x110ml
    6423 New Forest Strawberry Cone NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    6017 New Forest Strawberry Dairy Ice Cream with Real Strawberries NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    70949 New Forest Strawberry Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x10lt
    5410 New Forest Strawberry with Ripple 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    74759 New Forest Supreme Almond NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    76605 New Forest Supreme Milk Chocolate NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    61550 New Forest Supreme Mint Crunch NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    59060 New Forest Supreme Salted Caramel NEWFORESTICE 20x100ml
    8457 New Forest Supreme White Chocolate NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    8151 New Forest Toffee Crunch Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    8008 New Forest Toffee Crunch Ripple 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    8581 New Forest Vanilla & Chocolate Cone NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    5846 New Forest Vanilla Continental Diabetic Frozen Dessert NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    44016 New Forest Vanilla Ice Cream with Pods NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    9981 New Forest Vanilla Ice cream Portion 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    32704 New Forest Vanilla Pod Vegan Ice cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    55915 New Forest Vegan Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    45422 Pistachi Kulfi NEWFORESTICE 1x12ea
    50938 Semifreddo Menta NEWFORESTICE 1x12ea
    56389 Semifreddo Torroncino NEWFORESTICE 1x12ea
    16505 Tropical Mango Blast Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4ltr
    10784 Waffle Cones 1 scoop NEWFORESTICE 1x180
    15826 Waffle Cones 2 scoop VERONA 1x132
    75576 Walnut & Caramel Pot NEWFORESTICE 1x6ea
    Local Wines and Spirits
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73549 Bombay Sapphire Gin BOMBAY SAPPH 1x70cl
    50553 Hampshire English Sparkling Wine'Cossack'Vintage 2019 DANEBURY 1x75cl
    19869 Mermaid Gin MERMAID 1x70cl
    23886 Mermaid Gin & Tonic Can MERMAID 12x250ml
    76523 Mermaid Pink Gin MERMAID 1x70cl
    20671 Mermaid Spiced Rum MERMAID 1x70cl
    69898 Mermaid Zest Gin MERMAID 1x70cl
    Local Frozen
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45407 G/F Broccoli & Stilton Quiche MAD K 8x300g
    14647 G/F Chick,Ham & Leek Pie MAD K 12x310g
    53005 G/F Chicken, Ham & Leek Mini Pie MAD K 20x100g
    24222 G/F Chocolate Fudge Cake MAD K 1x14pp
    47622 G/F Moroccan Tagine Pie MAD K 12x310g
    71795 G/F Sausage Rolls MAD K 14x225g
    10911 G/F Steak & Ale Mini Pies MAD K 20x100g
    67988 G/F Steak & Ale Pie MAD K 10x210g
    28315 G/F Victoria Sponge 10" Round MAD K 1x14pp
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