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Stocking, sourcing and discovery herbs and spices from around the world is a passion. You'll find everything you need to introduce delicious flavours and tastes.

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Dried Herbs & Spices

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    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    20304 *CRG Bay Leaves Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x30g
    46636 *CRG Coriander Whole Seeds PET COUNTRYRANGE 1x300g
    4967 *CRG Dried Basil COUNTRYRANGE 1x200g
    65989 *CRG Dried Garlic Granules COUNTRYRANGE 1x700g
    69512 *CRG Dried Mint COUNTRYRANGE 1x180g
    56043 *CRG Mixed Herbs Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x190g
    37267 *CRG Oregano Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x150g
    41547 *CRG Parsley Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x120g
    18228 *CRG Rosemary Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x300g
    72616 *CRG Sage Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x170g
    9003 *CRG Tarragon Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x80g
    31310 *CRG Thyme Dried COUNTRYRANGE 1x220g
    55794 Dill Dried KERALA 1x150g
    68962 Onions Crispy Fried CHEFWILLIAM 1x500g
    Spices - Whole
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50577 Black Cardamon Pods SPICES 200g
    72375 *CRG Cinnamon Sticks COUNTRYRANGE 1x150g
    66939 *CRG Cloves Whole COUNTRYRANGE 1x350g
    38477 *CRG Cumin Seeds Whole COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    33727 *CRG Fennel Seeds Whole COUNTRYRANGE 1x350g
    6805 *CRG Juniper Berries COUNTRYRANGE 1x300g
    58917 *CRG Onion Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x520g
    59015 *CRG Star Anise Whole COUNTRYRANGE 1x200g
    5542 Caraway Seeds Whole KERALA 1x500g
    49020 Cardamon Whole KERALA 1x400g
    51722 Lavender Flowers SPICES 1x75g
    8722 Liquorice Root Sticks CENTAUR 1x100g
    25121 Mustard Seeds Black KERALA 1x680g
    20142 Nutmeg Whole KERALA 1x550g
    56361 Saffron Powder CENTAUR 1x1g
    4701 Saffron Strands ALTAJ 1x2g
    Spices - Ground
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    78552 *CRG All Purpose Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    67469 *CRG Arrowroot Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x510g
    34871 *CRG Blackened Cajun Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x530g
    56931 *CRG Cayenne Pepper COUNTRYRANGE 1x460g
    31569 *CRG Chilli Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x460g
    14488 *CRG Chinese Five Spice COUNTRYRANGE 1x440g
    23083 *CRG Cinnamon Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x450g
    59680 *CRG Coriander Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x420g
    72495 *CRG Crushed Chillies (flakes) COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    13966 *CRG Cumin Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x430g
    11896 *CRG Curry Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x450g
    27930 *CRG Fajita Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x520g
    8391 *CRG Garam Masala COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    29674 *CRG Garlic Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    27856 *CRG Ginger Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x420g
    38784 *CRG Italian Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x260g
    75277 *CRG Jamaican Jerk Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    17359 *CRG Korma Mild Curry Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x530g
    76660 *CRG Medium Madras Curry Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x490g
    46130 *CRG Mixed Spice Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x480g
    10319 *CRG Nutmeg Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    36845 *CRG Paprika Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x550g
    67948 *CRG Peri Peri Seasoning COUNTRYRANGE 1x530g
    68067 *CRG Smoked Paprika COUNTRYRANGE 1x550g
    63129 *CRG Sweet Paprika COUNTRYRANGE 1x550g
    79144 *CRG Tandoori Spice Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x490g
    49969 *CRG Turmeric Ground COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    77279 Essential Cuisine American BBQ Seasoning ESSENTIAL 1x340g
    74506 Essential Cuisine Dark Mexican Style Seasoning ESSENTIAL 1x300g
    44396 Essential Cuisine Peanut Free Satay Style Seasoning ESSENTIAL 1x340g
    73661 Essential Cuisine South Indian Style Seasoning ESSENTIAL 1x300g
    79435 Essential Cuisine Spicy Persian Style Seasoning ESSENTIAL 1x330g
    79356 Essential Cuisine Zesty Chermoula Seasoning ESSENTIAL 1x260g
    36468 Ground Fenugreek KERALA 1x470g
    20971 Hickory & Applewood Smoke Style Seasoning MAJOR 2x500g
    7171 Mustard Powder Colmans COLMANS 1x454g
    59646 Piment D'Espelette Powder PIMENT 1x250g
    7875 Ras el Hanout Moroccan SPICES 1x250g
    52812 Schwartz Bacon Flav Bits SCHWARTZ 6x320g
    46649 Schwartz Season All SCHWARTZ 1x840g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7754 *CRG Salt Table COUNTRYRANGE 1x6kg
    37495 Salt Celery KERALA 1x1.1kg
    61756 Salt Garlic KERALA 1x1kg
    38896 Salt Himalayan Pink CENTAUR 1x350g
    53777 Salt Pink CENTAUR 1x500g
    9513 Sea Salt Coarse SEASUN 1x10kg
    30563 Sea Salt Dorset DORSET SEA 1x1kg
    2946 Sea Salt Maldon MALDON 1x250g
    5651 Sea Salt Maldon Smoked MALDON 1x125g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8560 *CRG Pepper Ground Black COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    64387 *CRG Pepper Ground Black Coarse COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    26691 *CRG Pepper Ground White COUNTRYRANGE 1x550g
    67717 *CRG Peppercorns Pink COUNTRYRANGE 1x250g
    33327 *CRG Peppercorns Whole Black COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    9596 Peppercorns Green KERALA 1x300g
    8062 Peppercorns Green Madagascan CENTAUR 1x225g
    4692 Peppercorns Green in Brine DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
    4693 Peppercorns Pink in brine DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
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