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Every cook likes a well stocked pantry! You'll find everything here for the kitchen stores, tinned, dried, preserves, oils, purees, grains, pulses and more. 

Harvest Fine Foods Ltd - Kitchen Store Cupboard

Kitchen Store Cupboard

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  • Nuts - Shelled
  • Fruit or Nut Mixes
  • Mushrooms - Preserved
  • Cooking Alcohol
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    Tinned Vegetables
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2764 Artichoke Bottoms COOKS & CO 1x390g
    2765 Artichoke Hearts BOWES HILL 1x390g
    21989 Baked Beans Branston BRANSTON 1x850g
    1356 Baked Beans Heinz HEINZ 1x415g
    2754 Baked Beans Heinz HEINZ 1x2.6kg
    34975 Baked Beans Snap Pots Heinz HEINZ 24x200g
    19416 Black Beans SARA 1x400g
    59425 *Borlotti Beans CATERERSPRID 1x800g
    21498 *Butter Beans RIVERDENE 1x800g
    18866 *Butter Beans In Brine CATERERSPRID 1x2.5kg
    79191 *CF Essentials - Baked Beans CATERFOOD 1x3.12Kg
    53563 *CF Tomato Peeled Plum TIN CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    65681 *CF Tomatoes Chopped CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    54218 *Cannellini Beans in water RIVERDENE 1x800g
    37604 *Chick Peas in Brine CATERERSPRID 1x800g
    43535 *Chick Peas in Brine CATERERSPRID 1x2.5kg
    22286 *Five Bean Salad RIVERDENE 1x800g
    31519 Five Bean Salad - Riverdene RIVERDENE 1x2.5kg
    3194 Flageolet Flageolet - Riverdene RIVERDENE 1x800g
    14650 Green Sliced Jalapenos - Riverdene RIVERDENE 1x3Kg
    42459 Haricot White Beans - Riverdene RIVERDENE 1x2.5kg
    64870 Marrowfat Peas Processed ST.NICHOLAS 1x2.61kg
    28271 *Mushy Peas Chip Shop Style RIVERDENE 1x2.62kg
    20481 *Red Kidney Beans RIVERDENE 1x800g
    15104 *Red Kidney Beans In Brine CATERERSPRID 1x2.5Kg
    55068 San Marzano Peeled Tomatoes MUTTI 1x2.5kg
    48003 *Sweetcorn Kernals In Brine CATERERSPRID 1x2.12Kg
    1155 Tomato Passata MUTTI 1x500g
    70219 Tomato Paste 28/30% RIVERDENE 1x800g
    13309 Tomato Sauce Rich & Rustic Maggi MAGGI 1x800g
    51922 Tomato Sauce Rich & Rustic Maggi MAGGI 1x3kg
    12405 Tomatoes Chopped ROYAL CROWN 1x800g
    37286 Vine Leaves Stuffed With Rice COOKS & CO 6x400g
    Tinned Fruit
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    75881 Apple Solid Pack - Riverdene RIVERDENE 1x2.6kg
    56982 Apricot Halves in Juice RIVERDENE 1x2.5kg
    65783 Apricot Halves in Juice RIVERDENE 1x820g
    71859 Banana Blossom In Brine TRIPLE LION 1x565g
    1101 Cherries - Red Cocktail (maraschino) NOELS 1x605g
    1165 Cherries Dark Pitted ROYAL CROWN 1x820g
    53583 Cherries Griottine in Kirsch DGF 1x1lt
    2113 Cherry Apples Whole Baby in Syrup CENTAUR 1x425g
    37720 Figs Green in Syrup Tin BALDJIS 1x800g
    60475 *Fruit Cocktail in Juice CATERERS 1x2.5kg
    70740 Grapefruit Segments Syrup ROYAL CROWN 1x3kg
    34493 Jackfruit in Brine - Triple Lion TRIPLE LION 1x565g
    16076 Mandarin Segments in juice - Royal Crown ROYAL CROWN 1x2.6kg
    2812 Mango Slices in Syrup TIGER TIGER 1x425g
    2777 Orange Segments ROYAL CROWN 1x3kg
    2778 Peach Halves in Syrup RIVERDENE 1x2.6Kg
    68078 Peach Slices in Juice RIVERDENE 1x820g
    23309 Pear Halves Syrup - Riverdene RIVERDENE 1x2.5kg
    33839 Pear Halves in Juice Riverdene RIVERDENE 1x2.5kg
    26972 Pear Halves in Syrup - Riverdene, 800g RIVERDENE 1x800g
    28527 Pears Baby CENTAUR 1x425g
    58962 Pineapple Pieces Pizza Cut In Syrup RIVERDENE 1x3kg
    27348 Pineapple Sliced in Juice PRINCES 1x432g
    79991 Pineapple Slices in Juice FONTINELLA 1x3kg
    2784 Pineapple Slices in Light Syrup FONTINELLA 1x825g
    38737 Pineapple Slices in Syrup FONTINELLA 1x3kg
    2785 Plum Halves in Juice ROYAL CROWN 1x2.6kg
    74214 Prunes in Juice, Princes PRINCES 12x420g
    48078 Prunes in Light Syrup, Princes PRINCES 12x420g
    16571 Rhubarb Solid Pack Tinned, Princes PRINCES 1x2.82kg
    Tinned Fish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1156 Anchovy Fillets Cooks & Co COOKS & CO 1x365g
    25751 *CF Tuna Chunks in Brine CATERFOOD 1x1.88Kg
    37032 *CF Tuna Chunks in Brine CATERFOOD 1x800g
    35636 Princes Pink Salmon Tinned PRINCES 1x418g
    69592 Tuna Chunks In Brine Pouch RIVERDENE 1x3.1Kg
    29049 Tuna Chunks in Brine RIVERDENE 12x185g
    Tinned Meat
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    54699 Corned Beef PRINCES 12x200g
    38208 Corned Beef Tin SHIP 1x2.72kg
    65102 Duck Confit (12 pieces) LANGUEDOC 1x3.6kg
    76610 Escargots (Snails) SABAROT 1x800g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50892 Carnaroli Risotto Rice BELAZU 1x1kg
    5213 Rice Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Mix TRIPLELION 1x3kg
    2829 Rice Jasmine Fragrant CENTAUR 1x1kg
    48510 Rice Pudding TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    9402 Rice Wild Black Grain CENTAUR 1x1kg
    13466 Spring Roll Wrappers BLUE DRAGON 1x134g
    41071 Sushi Rice CENTAUR 1x1kg
    61787 Tilda Arborio Risotto Rice TILDA 1x5kg
    8080 Tilda Basmati Rice Easy Cook TILDA 1x5kg
    66749 Tilda Basmati Rice Original TILDA 1x5kg
    1110 Tilda Easy Cook Long Grain Rice TILDA 1x5kg
    2827 Tilda Fragrant Jasmine Rice TILDA 1x5kg
    41426 Triple Lion Rice Whole Grain Brown - East Cook TRIPLE LION 1x5kg
    Pasta - Dried
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73944 Cannelloni GIGLIO 1x250g
    15542 *Conchiglie Shells TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    75110 Farfalle Bows TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    55085 Fregola Toasted CENTAUR 1x1kg
    56501 Fusilli Brown Rice G/F Doves DOVES 1x500g
    42073 *Fusilli Spirals TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    46389 Fusilli Spirals Knorr KNORR 1x3kg
    74576 *Fusilli Spirals Tricolour TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    69450 *Lasagne Sheets GIGLIO 12x500g
    79656 Lasagne Verdi GUSTOSO 12x500g
    42465 *Linguine TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    37540 *Macaroni Elbows TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    53691 Macaroni Knorr KNORR 1x3kg
    8877 Orzo Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    2128 Papardelle Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    6203 Penne G/F Doves DOVES 8x500g
    38659 *Penne Quills TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    60690 Penne Rigate Knorr KNORR 1x3kg
    26181 Penne Whole Wheat Organic Biona BIONA 12x500g
    62827 *Spaghetti TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    75193 Spaghetti Doves G/F DOVES 1x500g
    31653 Spaghetti Short Knorr KNORR 1x3kg
    42095 *Tagliatelle TRIPLE LION 12x500g
    26096 Tagliatelle Knorr KNORR 1x3kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65762 Egg Noodles Medium Blue Dragon BLUE DRAGON 1x250g
    35760 Lucky Boat No1 Thick Noodles LUCKY BOAT 1x4kg
    31107 Rice Sticks YELLOWRIVER 1x400g
    Condiments - Sauces
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65910 Alfee's BBQ Sauce ALFEES 1x1lt
    75457 Alfee's Chic Sauce ALFEES 1x1lt
    67384 Alfee's Sweet Chilli Sce ALFEES 1x1lt
    26949 Apple Sauce, John Morley JOHN MORLEY 1x2.5kg
    32633 BBQ Chipotle Sauce ALFEES 1x2.25kg
    12480 BBQ Sauce - Alfees ALFEES 1x2.25Kg
    30591 Burger Relish DRIVERS 1x2.25kg
    69191 *CF BBQ Sauce CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    33036 *CF Essentials Brown Sauce CATERFOOD 1x4.3kg
    56475 *CF Essentials Horseradish Sauce CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    76832 *CF Essentials Tartare Sauce CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    22089 *CF Essentials Tomato Ketchup CATERFOOD 1x4.5kg
    35466 *Cranberry Sauce RIVERDENE 1x2.5kg
    37564 French's Hamburger Relish FRENCH'S 1x2.45kg
    19672 Garlic Mayo Great Taste Made Simple RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    36883 Great Taste Made Simple Chipotle Mayo RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    56676 Great Taste Made Simple Burger Sauce RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    57652 Great Taste Made Simple Ranch Dressing RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    16103 Great Taste Made Simple Taco Mayo RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    1373 HP Sauce Brown HP 1x4lt
    3251 Heinz Ketchup Tomato HEINZ 2x2.15lt
    67126 Heinz Professional Mayonnaise HEINZ 1x5lt
    7347 Hellmanns Mayonnaise Real HELLMANN'S 1x5lt
    14603 Hellmanns Real Mayonnaise HELLMANN'S 1x10lt
    43381 Horseradish Sauce - Rich Sauces RICH SAUCES 1x2.25Lt
    3182 House of Lords Barbeque Sauce HOUSEOFLORD 1x3.78lt
    69834 Jelly Redcurrant Tracklements TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.5kg
    23646 Korean BBQ Sauce ALFEES 1x2.5Kg
    47019 Light Mayonnaise Zafron ZAFRON 1x5lt
    24640 *Lion Mint Sauce LION 1x2.27Lt
    14151 Lion Salad Cream LION 1x2.27Lt
    41496 Marie Rose Sauce - Rich Sauces RICH SAUCES 1x2.2Lt
    9113 Mayonnaise Coronation OASIS 1x2.5kg
    75799 Mayonnaise Free Range 5lt Kenny's KENNYS 1x5lt
    52155 Mayonnaise Free Range Kenny's KENNYS 1x10lt
    8552 Mayonnaise Garlic LION 1x2.27lt
    78143 Mayonnaise Great Taste Made Simple RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    37310 Mayonnaise Real Squeezy Hellmanns HELLMANN'S 8x430ml
    13090 Mayonnaise Vegan Rich Sauces RICH SAUCES 4.5lt
    64725 Mustard Wholegrain Tracklements TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.1kg
    19529 Peri Peri Sauce - Alfees ALFEES 1x2.25lt
    1514 Quince Jelly Membrillo Paste SANTAEMILIA 1x400g
    59859 *Real Free Range Mayonnaise ZAFRON 1x10lt
    16122 *Real Free Range Mayonnaise Zafron ZAFRON 1x5lt
    61679 *Redcurrant Jelly RIVERDENE 1x2.72kg
    1122 Relish Tomato Arran ISLE OF ARRA 1x2.35kg
    76612 Sauce Horseradish Colman's COLMANS 1x2.25lt
    55884 Sauce Horseradish Cream Tracklements TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.1kg
    72816 Sauce Louisiana Hot Buffalo Wing ALFEES 1x2.25kg
    75720 Sauce Mint Colman's COLMANS 1x2.25lt
    50365 Sauce Red Hot Original Buffalo Frank's FRANKS 1x3.78lt
    53707 Sauce Sriracha Chilli ALFEES 1x2.25kg
    79133 Sauce Tartare Colman's COLMANS 1x2.25lt
    74252 Sour Cream Great Taste Made Simple RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    63735 Sriracha Mayo Great Taste Made Simple RICH SAUCES 1x1lt
    17092 Tartare Sauce RICH SAUCES 1x2.25Lt
    31432 *Vegan Mayonnaise RICH SAUCES 1x5lt
    38900 Vegan Mayonnaise RICH SAUCES 1x10Lt
    Condiments - Table Top
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1370 HP Sauce Brown HP 1x255g
    61830 HP Sauce Brown Table Top HP 8x285g
    1375 Heinz Ketchup Tomato Glass HEINZ 12x342g
    78805 Heinz Ketchup Tomato Opaque HEINZ 10x342g
    24749 Heinz Mayonnaise Table Top Squeezable HEINZ 10x220ml
    60397 Heinz Mustard English Table Top HEINZ 8x220ml
    35262 Hellmanns Ketchup Squeezy HELLMANN'S 8x430ml
    52042 Ketchup Proper Tomato Tracklements TRACKLEMENTS 6x290g
    69004 Sauce Mint Traditional Tracklements TRACKLEMENTS 6x150g
    1654 Tabasco Green Sauce TABASCO 1x60ml
    1652 Tabasco Red Sauce TABASCO 1x350ml
    1653 Tabasco Red Sauce TABASCO 1x60ml
    Condiments - Dressings
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    13673 *CF Essentials French Dressing with EVO Oil CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    76424 *Caesar Dressing LION 1x2.27lt
    3226 Dressing Blue Cheese RICH SAUCES 1x2.27lt
    68461 Dressing Mango Lime & Chilli RICHSAUCES 1x2.25lt
    38041 Honey/Mustard Dressing - Rich Sauces RICH SAUCES 1x2.25Lt
    29675 Rich Sauces Caesar Dressing RICH SAUCES 1x2.25Lt
    41884 Rich Sauces French Dressing RICH SAUCES 1x2.25Lt
    78085 Thousand Island Dressing - Rich Sauces RICH SAUCES 1x4.5Lt
    Condiments - Mustard
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    66292 *CF Essentials - Coarse Grain Mustard CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    71115 *CF Essentials English Mustard CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    37068 English Mustard Colmans COLMANS 1x100g
    37556 Mustard Coarse Grain LION 1x2.27lt
    45524 Mustard Dijon LION 1x2.27Lt
    8614 Mustard Dijon Belazu BELAZU 1x1kg
    40058 Mustard Dijon Colmans COLMANS 1x2.25lt
    76474 Mustard English Colmans COLMANS 1x2.25lt
    5572 Mustard English Squeezy Colmans COLMANS 6x150g
    52108 Mustard French Colmans COLMANS 1x2.25lt
    77486 Mustard French's American FRENCHS 8x226g
    45537 Mustard French's Classic Yellow FRENCHS 1x2.97kg
    5101 Mustard Whole Grain Colmans COLMANS 1x2.25lt
    9126 Mustard Wholegrain Belazu BELAZU 1x1kg
    Oils & Fats
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    43983 Duck Fat Cooks & Co COOKS & CO 1x850g
    24138 Extra Virgin Olive Oil LA ESPANOLA 1x5lt
    10227 Garnishing Oil Basil IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    75353 Garnishing Oil Chilli IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    39235 Garnishing Oil Chive IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    39163 Garnishing Oil Coriander IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    18270 Garnishing Oil Dill IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    44247 Garnishing Oil Lemon IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    47877 Garnishing Oil Roquette IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    53322 Garnishing Oil Rosemary IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    76502 Garnishing Oil Tarragon IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    54945 Garnishing Oil Thyme IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    33619 Garnishing Oil Watercress IMAGINATIVE 1x250ml
    70676 Hazelnut Oil CENTAUR 1x500ml
    58098 Infused Garlic Olive Oil BELAZU 1x250ml
    36969 Oil Black Truffle TRUFFLEHOUND 1x250ml
    7898 Oil Vegetable PREP ZT Extended Life PREP MULTI 1x15lt
    8979 Oil White Truffle TARTUFI MORR 1x250ml
    30417 Olive Oil Basil Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    6728 Olive Oil Black Truffle Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    52674 Olive Oil Chilli Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    2208 Olive Oil Lemon Extra Virgin Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    7117 Olive Oil White Truffle Infused Belazu BELAZU 1x250ml
    79893 Pomace Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil Blend LA ESPANOLA 1x5lt
    63888 Pure Sunflower Oil with Vitamin E FLORA 1x1lt
    12547 Rapeseed Oil (BiB) KTC 1x5lt
    49740 Rapeseed Oil (BiB) KTC KTC 1x20lt
    28250 Rapeseed Oil Maple Smoked Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    52323 Rapeseed Oil Pure English Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x5lt
    71382 Rapeseed Oil Pure English Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x500ml
    35610 Rapeseed Oil White Truffle Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    31524 Toasted Sesame Oil CENTAUR 1x500ml
    1285 Trennspray TRENNSPRAY 1x600ml
    17020 Whirl Butter Substitute WHIRL 1x4lt
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    52020 Balsamic Vinegar Pearls Belazu BELAZU 1x55g
    50228 *Balsamic Vinegar of Modena CHEFS KITC 1x5lt
    17791 *Cider Vinegar CHEFS KITC 1x5lt
    57202 *Distilled Malt Vinegar - 5lt CHEFSKITCHEN 1x5lt
    74615 *Malt Vinegar CHEFS KITC 1x5lt
    31516 Mirin Seasoning BLUE DRAGON 1x150ml
    25963 *Red Wine Vinegar CHEFS KITC 1x5lt
    27582 Vinegar Balsamic No. 8 Belazu BELAZU 1x500ml
    2213 Vinegar Balsamic No. 8 PGI BELAZU 1x250ml
    2214 Vinegar Cabernet Sauvignon Belazu BELAZU 1x500ml
    7178 Vinegar Chardonnay Belazu BELAZU 1x500ml
    1317 Vinegar Malt Vinegar Sarsons SARSONS 12x300ml
    6475 Vinegar Merlot BELAZU 1x500ml
    2111 Vinegar Raspberry CENTAUR 1x75cl
    64036 Vinegar Rice CHAINKWO 1x500ml
    21053 Vinegar Sherry Min 10yr BELAZU 1x750ml
    23696 Vinegar Sherry Reserve PALOMINO 1x75cl
    50600 *White Wine Vinegar CHEFS KITC 1x5lt
    46621 Yuzu Ponzu WASABI 1x300ml
    Pickles & Chutneys
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    13408 Caramelised Onion Marmalade TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.5kg
    8537 Chutney Apple & Cider Brandy TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.3kg
    8452 Chutney Apricot & Ginger HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    46071 Chutney Caramelised Apple & Onion   1x1kg
    58420 Chutney Chunky Tomato and Chilli TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.2kg
    63151 Chutney Old Fashioned Plum LEATHAMS 1x2.5kg
    2274 Chutney Real Ale Harvest HOGS BOTTOM 1x3kg
    2283 Chutney Spicy Gooseberry & Coriander HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    4918 Chutney Spicy Tomato Onion HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    16318 Fresh Chilli Jam TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.4kg
    43363 Lime Pickle TRIPLE LION 1x1.2kg
    65770 Mango Chutney TRIPLE LION 1x2.8kg
    10261 Mango Chutney Premium COOKS & CO 1x2.8kg
    2292 Marmalade Onion HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    5066 Marmalade Spicy Red Onion HOGSBOTTOM 1x3kg
    56302 Particularly British Piccalilli TRACKLEMENTS 1x1.2kg
    78750 Piccalilli DRIVERS 1x2.25kg
    3219 Pickle Branston BRANSTON 1x2.55kg
    63259 Pickle Branston Small Chunk BRANSTON 1x2.55kg
    25838 Pickled Walnuts - Opies OPIES 1x390g
    18979 Sweet Pickle DRIVERS 1x2.25kg
    Fruit - Dried
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50046 Apricots Dried BUCHANANS 1x2kg
    54963 Banana Chips Dried BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    15285 *CF Pitted Dates CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    51433 *CF Raisins CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    50862 *CF Sultanas CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    51960 Chopped Apricots BUCHANANS 1x2kg
    72968 Chopped Dates BUCHANANS 1x3kg
    31561 Cranberries Dried BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    59982 Currants BUCHANANS 1x3kg
    38392 Cut Mixed Peel BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    61935 Figs Dried CENTAUR 1x1kg
    18425 Glace Cherries OPIES 1x1kg
    76858 Goji Berries Dried CENTAUR 1x1kg
    69497 Golden Raisins CENTAUR 1x1kg
    8109 Medjoul Dates ISRAEL 1x5kg
    19977 Mixed Fruit BUCHANANS 1x3kg
    23304 Pitted Prunes CENTAUR 1x1kg
    Capers & Gherkins
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4684 Caperberries in White Wine Vinegar DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
    4682 Capers Non-Pareilles (baby) DELICIAS 1x1.6kg
    42819 Capers Baby Lilliput DELICIAS 1x1.60kg
    68670 Capers Fines 12mm DELICIAS 1x1.6kg
    4697 Gherkins Cocktail 300/400 DELICIAS 1x1.6kg
    4698 Gherkins Medium 50/70 DELICIAS 1x1.65kg
    40450 Gherkins Pickled LEFKTRO 1x2.55kg
    71295 Sliced Burger Gherkins LEFKTRO 1x3kg
    Pickled Vegetables
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    75337 Chopped Garlic In Oil COOKS & CO 1x1.2kg
    8194 Garlic Puree CAMBRAY 1x1kg
    66603 Onions Pickled Silverskin DELICIAS 1x4kg
    62374 Pickled Onions DRIVERS 1x2.25kg
    57320 Pickled Red Cabbage DRIVERS 1x2.25kg
    46498 Pickled Sliced Beetroot DRIVERS 1x2.25kg
    Oriental Foods
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2794 Bamboo Shoots Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x560g
    2796 Bean Sprouts Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x410g
    3526 Coconut Creamed Block Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x200g
    2799 Coconut Milk 17% Fat Content TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    63328 Coconut Oil BIONA 1x200g
    72504 Gluten-Free Large Crumb CENTAUR 1x1kg
    13209 Golden Palace Plain Madras Poppadums GOLD PALACE 1x1kg
    29810 Large Crumb G/F CENTAUR 1x10kg
    2102 Panko Premium Breadcrumbs CENTAUR 1x10kg
    1056 Pappadums Mini Mixed Knorr KNORR 1x1kg
    60728 Prawn Crackers SHARWOODS 1x1kg
    27350 Seaweed Nori BIHAI 1x25g
    44567 Sushi Ginger Blue Dragon BLUE DRAGON 1x145g
    4725 Tempura Batter CENTAUR 1x1kg
    71838 Wasabi Paste Tube Blue Dragon BLUE DRAGON 1x45g
    2807 Water Chestnuts Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x567g
    Stuffings & Coatings
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    67139 Sage & Onion Stuffing G/F SLEAFORD 1x2kg
    38738 *Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix CHEF WILLIAM 1x3kg
    4314 Sage & Onion Stuffing Paxo PAXO 1x2.5kg
    Fruit - Puree (Ambient)
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    35548 Chestnut Puree Pouch Ambient MERCHANTGOUR 1x200g
    22734 Puree Apricot Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    49289 Puree Blueberry Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    65601 Puree Mango Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    3397 Puree Mango Fruit Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    32843 Puree Passion Fruit Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    11463 Puree Passion Fruit Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    41615 Puree Peach Yellow Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    13763 Puree Pear Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    29314 Puree Raspberry Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    6372 Puree Raspberry Fruit Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    31905 Puree Red Berries Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    16725 Puree Strawberry Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    17366 Puree Strawberry Fruit Ambient LEONCE BLANC 1x1lt
    49583 Puree Tropical Fruit Boiron (Ambient) BOIRON 1x1lt
    Olives - Ambient
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    36884 Pimiento Stuffed Green Olives CRESPO 1x2.4kg
    Dessert Toppings
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    38474 Dessert Sauce Belgian Chocolate Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    7670 Dessert Sauce Raspberry Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    29083 Dessert Sauce Strawberry Drizzle Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    5687 Dessert Sauce Toffee Fudge Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    45612 Dessert Topping Maple Flavoured Syrup Macphie MACPHIE 1x500g
    39904 Dr Oetker Professional Chocolate Flavour Sugar Strands DROETKER 1x700g
    79867 Dr Oetker Professional Coloured Sugar Strands DROETKER 1x700g
    65544 Milk Chocolate Sauce JM POSNER 1x5kg
    27041 Nestle Carnation Drizzle Caramel Sauce CARNATION 1x8x450g
    51710 White Chocolate Sauce JM POSNER 1x5kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3851 Bulgar Wheat CENTAUR 1x1kg
    60604 Chia Seeds CENTAUR 1x1kg
    7124 Cous Cous TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    77569 Cous Cous 500g Triple Lion TRIPLELION 1x500g
    5693 Cous Cous Israeli CENTAUR 1x1kg
    2252 Israeli Cous Cous Sack Belazu BELAZU 1x5kg
    6288 Pearl Barley - Triple Lion, 3kg TRIPLELION 1x3kg
    9819 Polenta Cornmeal TRIPLELION 1x1.5kg
    3857 Popping Corn CENTAUR 1x1kg
    3874 Quinoa CENTAUR 1x1kg
    45952 Quinoa Red CENTAUR 1x1kg
    15520 Quinoa Tri Colour CENTAUR 1x1kg
    6305 Semolina TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    72540 Spelt Grain CENTAUR 1x1kg
    79201 Triple Lion Tapioca Pearl TRIPLE LION 1x3Kg
    Dried Pulses
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6528 Chick Peas Dried TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    50810 Dried Red Split Lentils - Triple Lion TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    42458 Green Lentils   1x1kg
    7018 Lentils Green TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    38308 Puy & Green Lentils R.T.E MERCHANTGOUR 1x250g
    9487 Split Peas Yellow Dried TRIPLE LION 1x3kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    31521 Beans Tonka SPICES 1x250g
    44788 Black Sesame Seeds SPICES 1x250g
    1667 Linseed (Flax) Brown CENTAUR 1x1kg
    30829 Omega Seed Mix QUEENSWOOD 1x500g
    27816 Poppy Seeds Whole Blue WORLDOFSPICE 1x470g
    29722 Pumpkin Seeds BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    20346 Sesame Seeds Whole WORLDOFSPICE 1x470g
    78948 Sunflower Seeds WORLDOFSPICE 1x450g
    Nuts - Shelled
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    71063 Almonds Nibbed   1x1kg
    12175 Almonds Whole Blanched BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    25189 *CF Almonds Flaked CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    74339 *CF Almonds Ground CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    66756 *CF Coconut Desiccated CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    14201 *CF Walnut Halves CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    20281 *CF Walnut Pieces CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    54087 Cashew Nuts Blanched BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    49690 Chestnuts Vac Pack MERCHANTGOUR 1x500g
    49281 Chopped Mixed Nuts BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    3781 Coconut Raw Slices QUEENSWOOD 1x3kg
    14821 Hazelnuts Roasted & Blanched BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    63248 Hazelnuts Whole BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    60212 Peanuts Blanched Unsalted BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    70043 Peanuts Dry Roasted BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    60311 Peanuts Roasted & Salted BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    30744 Pecan Nut Halves BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    76482 Pinenut Kernel BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    69680 Pistachio Nuts Raw Shelled BUCHANANS 1x1kg
    61434 Pistachio Peeled Green CENTAUR 1x1kg
    21254 Pistachio Roasted in Shell CENTAUR 1x1kg
    Fruit or Nut Mixes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    36728 Mixed Nuts (Luxury Smoked) CENTAUR 1x1kg
    8322 Mixed Nuts Rose Harissa Belazu BELAZU 1x1.45kg
    Mushrooms - Preserved
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    69900 Cepe Powder CENTAUR 1x250g
    39579 Dried Trompettes CENTAUR 1x100g
    67814 Mushrooms Mixed Dried CHEFSBRIGADE 1x400g
    2057 Truffle Black Summer Peelings CENTAUR 1x100g
    2891 Truffle Black Summer Tinned CENTAUR 1x100g
    3126 Whole Button Mushrooms Tinned COOKS & CO 1x2.5kg
    Cooking Alcohol
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    24765 Cooking Brandy 10% Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    35155 Cooking Cider -Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x5lt
    47863 Cooking IPA Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x5lt
    2464 Cooking Madeira Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    42424 Cooking Mulled Wine Gluhwein Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    2465 Cooking Port Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    24667 Cooking Wine Red 10ltr MONTE BELLO 1x10ltr
    28279 *Cooking Wine Red 1.2% ABV CHEFS KITC 1x5lt
    30781 Cooking Wine White 10ltr MONTE BELLO 1x10ltr
    37554 *Cooking Wine White 1.2% ABV CHEFS KITC 1x5lt
    33407 Kirsch Massenez 48% GRANDES 1x1lt
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