Frozen Foods

Freezing food makes good sense, providing good quality and value, and long lasting and instant resources for the kitchen. Our extensive frozen storage facilities enable us to offer you great variety and quality. 

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Frozen Products

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    Ice Cubes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    52461 Crushed Ice SOUTH COAST 1x2kg
    20305 Ice Crushed SOUTH COAST 6x2kg
    4421 Ice Cubes BLUE KELD IC 6x2kg
    33105 Ice Cubes Scotsman BLUE KELD IC 1x2kg
    New Forest Icecream
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    54808 New Forest Banoffee Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    41606 New Forest Blackberry & Clotted Cream Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4.75lt
    10459 New Forest Brownie & White Chocolate Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    9064 New Forest Bubblegum Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    9752 New Forest Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream with Ripple/Choc Chips NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    9702 New Forest Clotted Cream Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    9604 New Forest Coconut Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    7494 New Forest Coffee Mocha Swirl Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    65802 New Forest Continental Style Vanilla Ice Cream 10Lt NEWFORESTICE 1x10lt
    5493 New Forest Honeycomb Swirl Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    44594 New Forest Lotus Biscoff Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4.75lt
    40670 New Forest Millionaire's Shortcake Ice cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    8069 New Forest Mint Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream with Choc Ripple NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    66072 New Forest Oriental Ginger Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    76711 New Forest Pistachio Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4.7lt
    7897 New Forest Rum & Raisin Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    14090 New Forest Salted Caramel Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    46118 New Forest Salted Caramel Vegan Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    6017 New Forest Strawberry Dairy Ice Cream with Real Strawberries NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    8151 New Forest Toffee Crunch Continental Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    5846 New Forest Vanilla Continental Diabetic Frozen Dessert NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    44016 New Forest Vanilla Ice Cream with Pods NEWFORESTICE 1x4lt
    32704 New Forest Vanilla Pod Vegan Ice cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    Catering Icecream
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8392 *CRG Chocolate Ice Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x4lt
    45713 *CRG Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x4lt
    3324 *CRG Strawberry Dairy Ice Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x4lt
    6369 *CRG Strawberry Ice Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x4lt
    3260 *CRG Triple Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x4lt
    3261 *CRG Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x4lt
    9094 *CRG White Vanilla Ice Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x4lt
    21959 Kellys Blueberry Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    37464 Kellys Bubblegum Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    30952 Kellys Candyfloss Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    15561 Kellys Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    23513 Kellys Cookies & Cream Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    44079 Kellys Cornish Vanilla Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    12039 Kellys Honeycomb Caramel Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    18002 Kellys Millionaires Shortbread Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    63738 Kellys Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    11467 Kellys Rocky Road Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    68696 Kellys Rum & Raisin Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    37867 Kellys Salted Caramel Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    13688 Kellys Strawberry Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    41923 Kellys Toffee Fudge Dairy Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    28871 Kellys Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    39193 Kellys White Chocolate Raspberry Dairy Ice Craem KELLYS 1x4.5lt
    5791 Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream SUNCREAM 1x4lt
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3003 Lemon Premium Sorbet SUNCREAM 1x2lt
    59128 New Forest Blackcurrant Sorbet High Fruit NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    58705 New Forest Blood Orange Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    3002 New Forest Champagne Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    34539 New Forest Gin & Pink Grapefruit Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    59324 New Forest Lime & Coconut Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    3004 New Forest Mango Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x2lt
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    54616 Cadbury Cone Flake 99 125ml CADBURY 1x24
    24945 Cadbury Crunchie Blast 100ml CADBURY 1x24
    36650 Cadbury Dairy Milk Swirl 100ml CADBURY 1x24
    29261 Cadbury Dark Milk CADBURY 1x20
    20117 Del Monte Real Lemonade Lollies DEL MONTE 1x24
    32610 Extreme Salted Caramel & White Chocolate 120ml NESTLE 1x16
    18085 Extreme Strawberry & Cream 120ml NESTLE 1x16
    8970 New Forest Blackcurrant Squeeze Up NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    6590 New Forest Lemon & Lime Squeeze Up NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    8620 New Forest Mint Cone NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    9151 New Forest Mister Bobble NEWFORESTICE 1x24
    6057 New Forest Orange Squeeze Up NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    6423 New Forest Strawberry Cone NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    48525 New Forest Super 5 Fruit Ice NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    6068 New Forest Supreme Caramel Crunch NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    76605 New Forest Supreme Milk Chocolate NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    61550 New Forest Supreme Mint Crunch NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    8457 New Forest Supreme White Chocolate NEWFORESTICE 1x20
    8581 New Forest Vanilla & Chocolate Cone NEWFORESTICE 1x16
    70175 Nobbly Bobbly 70ml NESTLE 1x24
    52222 Nuii Coconut & Indian Mango NUII 1x20
    32801 Nuii Cookies & Idaho Valley Mint NUII 1x20
    73037 Nuii NY Cookies & Cream NUII 1x20
    52491 Nuii Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia NUII 1x20
    40630 Oreo Cookie Sandwich 135ml OREO 1x24
    76580 Rowntree Fruit Pastille 65ml ROWNTREE 1x32
    44723 Rowntrees Orange Push Up 100ml ROWNTREE 1x24
    50207 Rowntrees Watermelon Lollies ROWNTREES 1x36
    75773 Smarties Pop Up 85ml SMARTIES 1x20
    Icecream Tubs
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    39716 Kellys Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Mini Pot 120ml KELLYS 24x120ml
    28413 Kellys Clotted Cream Ice Cream Mini Pot 120ml KELLYS 24x120ml
    23701 Kellys Honeycomb Crunch Ice Cream Mini Pot 120ml KELLYS 24x120ml
    70950 Kellys Strawberry Ice Cream Mini Pot 120ml KELLYS 24x120ml
    34846 New Forest Blackberry Clotted Cream Dairy Ice Cream 120ml Tu NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    8066 New Forest Chocolate with Ripple 120ml Portion Tub NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    31623 New Forest Dairy Chocolate Ganache NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    24236 New Forest Dairy Iced Latte NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    53066 New Forest Dairy Mint Chocolate Crisp NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    41405 New Forest Dairy Rhubarb & Ginger NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    71953 New Forest Dairy Salted Caramel Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    50630 New Forest Dairy Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    14384 New Forest Dairy Vanilla Pod Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    63695 New Forest Lemon & Lime Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    24259 New Forest Lemon Sorbet 120ml Portion Tub NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    7649 New Forest Mint Chocolate with Ripple 120ml Portion Tub NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    72871 New Forest Salted Caramel 120ml Portion Tub NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    61105 New Forest Speculoos Dairy Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    5410 New Forest Strawberry with Ripple 120ml Portion Tub NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    8008 New Forest Toffee Crunch Ripple 120ml Portion Tub NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    9981 New Forest Vanilla Ice cream Portion 120ml Tub NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    55915 New Forest Vegan Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Portion 120ml NEWFORESTICE 24x120ml
    50044 Vanilla Ice Cream Tubs (No Added Sugar) COOLDELIGHT 60x80ml
    Icecream Extras
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    18456 Jersey Luxury Dairy Ice Cream Mix JERSEYDAIRY 12x1lt
    7363 New Forest Real Dairy Ice Cream Mix NEWFORESTICE 12x1lt
    79009 Waffle Cone Medium Dipped Chocolate ANTONELLI 1x96
    10784 Waffle Cones 1 scoop NEWFORESTICE 1x180
    15826 Waffle Cones 2 scoop CATERLINK 1x132
    Frozen Desserts
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    71594 Apple Gyoza 400g AJINOMOTO 1x20
    24542 Belgian Chocolate Mousse Stars ICEFRESH 1x48
    23532 *CRG Baked Pear & Maple Slice COUNTRYRANGE 16x95g
    61899 *CRG Baked Salted Chocolate Torte COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    16513 *CRG Belgian Chocolate Torte COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    46245 *CRG Black Cherry Charlotte COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    64021 *CRG Cake Mini Assortment COUNTRYRANGE 1x40
    57840 *CRG Cake Round Carrot G/F COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    8718 *CRG Cake Round Victoria Sandwich Hand Made 10" COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    75296 *CRG Cappuccino Cheesecake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    56406 *CRG Charlotte Strawberry & Prosecco COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    73219 *CRG Cheesecake Salted Caramel COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    77193 *CRG Cheesecake Triple Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    48250 *CRG Cheesecake White Chocolate and Raspberry COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    71158 *CRG Fudge Cake Alabama Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x16pp
    47184 *CRG Fudge Cake Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x16pp
    36701 *CRG Fudge Cake Triple Layer Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x16ptn
    78341 *CRG Gateau Chocolate & Orange Bar COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    35035 *CRG Gluten Free Chocolate & Ginger Cake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    11572 *CRG Gluten Free Luscious Lemon Cheesecake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    79085 *CRG Gluten Free Rhubarb & Strawberry Cheesecake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    68661 *CRG Jaffa Chocolate Mountain Cake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    19210 *CRG Lemon Panna Cotta Tart COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    66884 *CRG Mint Chocolate Shard Cake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    60565 *CRG New York Style Baked Cheesecake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    6136 *CRG Pie Apple Caramel COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    9040 *CRG Pie Lemon Meringue COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    51331 *CRG Plum & Almond Slice COUNTRYRANGE 16x95g
    43620 *CRG Rhubarb & Custard Crumble Tart COUNTRYRANGE 1x14
    64421 *CRG Salted Caramel Cream Bar Gateau COUNTRYRANGE 1x16pp
    75493 *CRG Spiced Pear, Toffee & Cranberry Naked Cake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    5763 *CRG Sponge Puddings Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    79621 *CRG Sponge Puddings Gooey Belgian Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    34020 *CRG Sponge Puddings Individual Bread & Butter COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    5479 *CRG Sponge Puddings Spotted Dick COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    2452 *CRG Sponge Puddings Sticky Toffee COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    8912 *CRG Sponge Puddings Strawberry Jam COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    9730 *CRG Sponge Puddings Syrup COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    48563 *CRG Sponge Puddings Ultimate Sticky Toffee G/F COUNTRYRANGE 1x12
    22400 *CRG Tart Baked Belgian Chocolate Espresso COUNTRYRANGE 1x14
    10658 *CRG Tart Bakewell COUNTRYRANGE 1x12pp
    45115 *CRG Tarte Au Citron ((Uncut)) COUNTRYRANGE 1x14ptn
    60694 *CRG Tiramisu Premium COUNTRYRANGE 1xeach
    71699 Cake Round Ginger Cake G/F HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    30999 Cake Round Sticky Chocolate & Orange Cake Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    45296 Cake Round Vegan Carrot Cake Gateau Sidoli SIDOLI 14pp
    71051 Cake Round Victoria Sponge 9" G/F HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    5871 Cake Round Victorian Style Fruit Sidoli SIDOLI 1x14pp
    60321 Cake Round Zucchini & Lime HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    72454 Caramel Heaven Individually Wrapped Bar G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x65g
    23943 Caramel Shortcake Individually Wrapped Bar G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x55g
    22498 Carrot Cake Individually Wrapped Bar G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x65g
    18244 Cheesecake Mini Selection Prestige PRESTIGE 1x48
    25916 Cheesecake New York Style G/F Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    58333 Cheesecake Strawberry G/F Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    47166 Chocolate Brownie Individually Wrapped Bar G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x60g
    12765 Chocolate Brownie Slice G/F Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12pp
    43270 Chocolate Cake Individually Wrapped Bar G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x40g
    45944 Coconut & Raspberry Individually Wrapped Slice G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x60g
    75047 Custard Slice WRIGHTS 24x170g
    43465 Dairy Cream & Strawberry Finger Doughnut WRIGHTS 12x111g
    28886 Flapjack Individually Wrapped Vegan & G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x65g
    54496 Fudge Cake Belgian Choc/ Vegan HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    13767 G/F Chocolate & Orange Tart WE LOVE CAKE 1x12
    59960 Gateau Black Forest MADEMOISELLE 1x9"
    63084 Gateau Strawberry MADEMOISELLE 1x9"
    30566 Iced Fruit Cake Slice WE LOVE CAKE 1x18
    15102 Lemon Drizzle Individually Wrapped Cake Bar G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x40g
    31448 Lemon Meringue Pie MADEMOISELLE 1x12pp
    70921 Puddings Lemon Sponge Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12
    17786 Raspberry & Almond Individually Wrapped Slice G/F HANDMADECAKE 18x60g
    6306 Rhubarb & Apple Crumble Sidoli SIDOLI 1x12
    56555 Roulade Black Forest MENUSERVE 2x10ptns
    58275 Roulade Lemon MENUSERVE 2x10ptns
    12044 Roulade Raspberry & White Choc MENUSERVE 2x10ptns
    58548 Salted Caramel & Nut Slice HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    27742 Strawberry & Prosecco Roulade MENUSERVE 2x10ptns
    9568 Tart au Citron Individual DELICE DE FR 24x110g
    10950 Tartlet Mini Variety Prestige PRESTIGE 1x48
    46596 Traybake Black Cherry & Almond Slice HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    53154 Traybake Blackcurrant Crumble Vegan G/F HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    75655 Traybake Caramel Shortcake G/F HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    61428 Traybake Caramel Shortcake HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    69559 Traybake Carrot Sidoli SIDOLI 1x15pp
    41834 Traybake Chocolate Brownie G/F HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    39285 Traybake Chocolate Fruit & Nut Slice HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    79325 Traybake Granola Slice Dessert HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    26818 Traybake Honeycomb Tiffin HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x12pp
    46305 Traybake Lemon Drizzle Slice G/F HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    72364 Traybake Pecan & Walnut Slice G/F HCC HANDMADECAKE 1x15pp
    26886 Traybake Squidgy Lemon Sidoli SIDOLI 1x15pp
    62821 Triple Layer Raspberry Victoria Sponge HANDMADECAKE 1x14pp
    28141 Vegan Blackforest Fudge Cake COUNTRYRANGE 1x14pp
    Frozen Patisserie
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    13676 Butter Croissant DELIFRANCE 60x70g
    78917 Butter Pain aux Raisins COUNTRYRANGE 72x100g
    5940 *CRG Butter Pain au Chocolate Unbaked COUNTRYRANGE 80x75g
    5709 *CRG Croissant Straight Unbaked COUNTRYRANGE 80x65g
    33199 *CRG Donut Selection COUNTRYRANGE 1x36
    67985 *CRG Eclairs Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 5x9
    76645 *CRG Eclairs Chocolate Mini COUNTRYRANGE 12x9
    76196 *CRG Muffin Blueberry COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    42156 *CRG Muffin Raspberry & White Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    68511 *CRG Muffin Triple Chocolate COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    8913 *CRG Pancakes 4.5" Sweet American COUNTRYRANGE 1x120
    18834 *CRG Profiteroles & Chocolate Sauce COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.44kg
    2852 *CRG Teacakes 5" Spiced Fruit COUNTRYRANGE 1x48
    60007 Cinnamon Swirl DELIFRANCE 60x90g
    14485 Croissant Blueberry Vegan DELIFRANCE 48x100g
    10749 Croissant Large Butter Unbaked DELIFRANCE 80x90g
    63856 Croissant Mini Delifrance Unbaked DELIFRANCE 120x25g
    19866 Curved Butter Croissant SPECIALITY 80x70g
    2910 Danish Pastry Royal Selection 88g-100g Schulstad Unbaked SCHULSTAD 1x36
    47847 Delifrance Wrapped Butter Croissant DELIFRANCE 1x32
    33455 French Macarons TIPIAK 1x36
    27863 Mini Butter Croissant SPECIALITY 150x25g
    2909 Mini Danish Pastry Selection 42g-43g SCHULSTAD 1x120
    23354 Mini VienoiserieSelection Unbaked Delifrance DELIFRANCE 1x130
    75112 Pain Au Chocolat Wrapped DELIFRANCE 40x50g
    21932 Pain au Chocolat Butter SPECIALITY 90x85g
    62576 Pain au Chocolat Mini Delifrance Unbaked DELIFRANCE 120x30g
    63483 Pain aux Raisins Mini Delifrance Unbaked DELIFRANCE 120x30g
    31465 Petit Fours French Style TIPIAK 1x38
    40027 Premium Filled Apple & Cinnamon Ring Donuts DAWN 36x61g
    36715 Premium Filled Caramel Lace Ring Donuts DAWN 36x67g
    16904 Premium Filled Cookie Crush Ring Donuts DAWN 36x75g
    40140 Premium Filled Strawberry Sprinkle Ring Donuts DAWN 36x70g
    48135 Premium Filled Triple Chocolate Ring Donuts DAWN 36x69g
    79424 Savoury Tart Mini Selection Delifrance Unbaked DELIFRANCE 75x18g
    68964 Scone / Scioche Speciality SPECIALITY 20x140g
    7583 Scones Plain Kara KARA 1x60
    22382 Scones Sultana G/F Handmade Cake Company HANDMADECAKE 18x90g
    2851 Scones Sultana Kara KARA 1x60
    67806 Teacakes Fruited SPECIALITY 45x110g
    12277 Vegan Lemon & Poppy Seed Muffin DAWN 30x100g
    33621 Vegan Mixed Berry Muffin DAWN 30x100g
    Frozen Bread Loaves
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    76015 Bloomer Olive & Oregano DELIFRANCE 10x460g
    60843 Bloomer Sliced Malt Brown Bread Th14+2 Roberts FRANKROBERTS 1 x loaf
    25659 Bloomer Sliced White Bread 14+2 Roberts FRANKROBERTS 1 x loaf
    51531 Bloomer Tomato & Oregano DELIFRANCE 10x460g
    74725 Braces Long Loaf Medium White Bread BRACES 1xloaf
    17342 Braces Long Loaf Medium Wholemeal Bread BRACES 1xloaf
    68429 Braces Long Loaf Thick Malted Grain Bread BRACES 1xloaf
    75789 Braces Long Loaf Thick White Bread BRACES 1xloaf
    36102 Bread Sliced Multi Seed G/F GENIUS 1x535g
    62426 Bread Sliced White G/F GENIUS 1x535g
    19469 Buchette Noire Aux Grains DELICE DE FR 20x340g
    53906 *CRG Bread Sliced Half & Half Medium 18+2 COUNTRYRANGE 1x8
    65546 *CRG Bread Sliced White Medium 18+2 COUNTRYRANGE 1x8
    40523 *CRG Bread Sliced White Thick 16+2 COUNTRYRANGE 1x8
    63565 *CRG Bread Sliced Wholemeal Thick 16+2 COUNTRYRANGE 1x8
    72056 *CRG Bread Sliced Wholemeal Medium 18+2 COUNTRYRANGE 1x8
    27170 *CRG Garlic Bread Slices COUNTRYRANGE 1x150
    Frozen Dinner Rolls
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    36005 *CRG Petit Pain COUNTRYRANGE 1x100
    50343 Mini Tin Loaf Multigrain Speciality SPECIALITY 48x55g
    21797 Mini Tin Loaf Onion Speciality SPECIALITY 48x55g
    60289 Mini Tin Loaf White Speciality SPECIALITY 48x55g
    20056 Petit Pain KARAFLETCHER 1x70
    28783 Petit Pain Malted Wheat EUROBUNS 1x70
    5504 Rolls Assorted Mini Classic Panesco PANESCO 4x25
    6612 Rolls Assorted Mini Rustic Panesco PANESCO 4x20x40g
    31747 White Mini Petit Pain DELIFRANCE 1x90
    Frozen Burger Baps
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    56998 Brioche Bun Glazed Seeded & Sliced Speciality SPECIALITY 1x48
    13979 Brioche Bun Glazed Speciality SPECIALITY 45x90g
    7833 Brioche Bun Round Panesco 85g PANESCO 1x50
    76001 Brioche Hotdog Roll Large Glazed Speciality SPECIALITY 36x95g
    20677 Brioche Style Sliced Bun Vegan KARA 48x84g
    7357 Burger Baps Floured 4" KARA 1x48
    2849 Burger Baps Seeded MK5 KARA 1x48
    78160 Burger Bun Eden Vegan Speciality SPECIALITY 45x90g
    53828 Burger Bun Pretzel Pre-Sliced Panesco PANESCO 42x80g
    5172 *CRG Floured Baps MK5 COUNTRYRANGE 1x48
    73264 *CRG Sliced Brioche Burger Bun COUNTRYRANGE 1x48
    68400 Hot Dog Roll Jumbo Top Sliced 8.5"   1x48
    13339 Tennessee Grillhouse Bun SPECIALITY 45x80g
    42150 Vegan Glazed Eden Hot Dog Roll SPECIALITY 36x95g
    Frozen Bread Products
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27122 Bagels Multiseed BAGEL NASH 24x115g
    52751 Bagels Plain Sliced BAGEL NASH 24x85g
    32172 Brioche Butter Loaf FEDIPAT 20x430g
    18525 *CRG Ciabatta COUNTRYRANGE 65x120g
    58331 *CRG Tortilla Wraps Flour 10" COUNTRYRANGE 5x10
    52201 *CRG Tortilla Wraps Flour 12" COUNTRYRANGE 10x10
    3415 Ciabatta Bocata 140g PANESCO 1x40
    44332 Ciabatta Roll Large Speciality SPECIALITY 30x130g
    49321 Ciabatta Roll Round Speciality SPECIALITY 40x100g
    54066 Ciabatta Roll Speciality SPECIALITY 40x100g
    42929 Crumpets KATERBAKE 1x72
    9946 Focaccia Rolls with Fine Herbs Panesco PANESCO 50x100g
    36717 Malted Ciapanini Bread SPECIALITY 40x100g
    1142 Muffins English Breakfast KARA 1x48
    55512 Naan Bread Large Plain MISSION 4x6
    14746 Naan Bread Mini MISSION 40x65g
    52353 Oval Sourdough Wrap BAKED EARTH 24x120g
    57669 Plain Bagels (Unsliced) BAGEL NASH 24x115g
    68710 Rolls Seeded Gluten Free GENIUS 25x68g
    53860 Rolls White Cottage Speciality SPECIALITY 40x130g
    69549 Sam Pan Hirata Buns TRANGS 1x60
    44121 Sliders Brioche Mini Glazed Speciality SPECIALITY 60x20g
    33536 Sourdough & Onion Rolls Speciality SPECIALITY 40x100g
    52875 Sourdough Roll Speciality SPECIALITY 40x100g
    18038 Sub Deli Loaf White 23" Speciality SPECIALITY 10x420g
    37573 Tomato & Basil Focaccia Bread SPECIALITY 6x360g
    25816 Tortilla Wraps Flour 6" SANTAMARIA 10x15
    44542 White Ciapanini Bread SPECIALITY 40x100g
    19415 White Pitta Bread BAKED EARTH 1x72
    65721 Wholemeal Pitta Bread BAKED EARTH 1x72
    Frozen Baguettes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3413 Baguette Demi Multi Cereal Panesco PANESCO 1x45
    52664 Baguette Demi Premium Plus PANESCO 1x45
    33262 Baguette Honorine (Sourdough) FEDIPAT 25x270g
    12344 Baguette Multicereales A L'Ancienne 280g PANESCO 1x20
    20317 Baguette Parisien DELIFRANCE 24x460g
    30526 Baguette White Sliced Thaw & Serve 28cm LE PAIN 1x30
    7678 Barra Gallega Large Baguette PANESCO 1x18
    3414 Barra Gallega Media Baguette PANESCO 1x50
    63137 Barra Gallega Media Paysan PANESCO 50x125g
    6107 *CRG Baguette Demi Fully Baked COUNTRYRANGE 1x30
    8926 *CRG Baguette Demi White 135g 28cm COUNTRYRANGE 1x30
    43486 *CRG Baguette Malted Wheat Half COUNTRYRANGE 1x30
    7467 Panini White 135g 270mm SCHULSTAD 1x30
    55819 Panini White Grill Marked 27cm PANEFRESCO 1x30
    18531 Part Baked White mini Petit Pain LANTMANNEN 1x100
    44909 Sourdough Bloomer - Fully Baked DELIFRANCE 12x650g
    72600 Tourte De Campagne Sourdough FEDIPAT 18x550g
    Frozen Pizza
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    36920 12" Vegan & G/F Pizza Bases VENICEBAKERY 1x20
    33223 *CRG Pizza Base Deep Pan 12" COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    59144 *CRG Pizza Base Thin & Crispy 12" COUNTRYRANGE 1x20
    44357 *CRG Pizza Dough Balls for 23cm Pizza COUNTRYRANGE 1x60
    25209 Chicago Town 12" T/away Four Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza CHICAGOTOWN 1x2
    35726 Chicago Town 12" T/away Four Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza CHICAGOTOWN 4x2
    16671 Chicago Town 12" T/away Stuffed Crust Loaded Pepperoni Pizza CHICAGOTOWN 1x2
    24973 Chicago Town 12" T/away Stuffed Crust Loaded Pepperoni Pizza CHICAGOTOWN 4x2
    21184 Pizza Base 9" G/F PIZZA PLUS 1x24
    6316 Pizza Base Thin 7" IQF PIZZA PLUS 1x48
    56317 Pizza Base Thin 9" IQF PIZZA PLUS 1x48
    33166 Pizza Dough Balls for 12-14" Pizza PIZZA PLUS 1x40
    45431 Pizza Rising Base with Passata 9" DROETKER 1x22
    30927 Pizza Slab Cheese & Tomato Thin 240mm x 180mm CAPRI 6x485g
    58858 Pizza Sourdough Balls PAN ARTISAN 1x80
    43386 Primary School Pizza Roll PROPERCORNIS 1x80
    47592 Wholemeal Cheese & Tomato Medium Pizza PIZZA PLUS 1x10
    Frozen Pastry
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2996 *CRG Puff Pastry Block COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    2999 *CRG Shortcrust Pastry Block COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    2995 Jus Rol Pastry Filo JUSROL 1x500g
    76048 Jus Rol Puff Pastry Lids Oval 7" x 5" JUSROL 1x40
    4855 Jus Rol Puff Pastry Rounds 152mm in diameter JUSROL 1x96x54g
    2998 Jus Rol Puff Pastry Sheets 580mm x 380mm JUSROL 12x625g
    42260 Jus Rol Puff Pastry Squares 5" JUSROL 1x96
    25531 Mince Pies Mini SARGENTS 1x72
    50085 Spring Roll Pastry SPRING HOME 1x550g
    75140 Spring Roll Pastry 10" KIMS 1x400g
    Frozen Fruit
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    52454 Avocado Dices AVOGRANDE 1x500g
    35130 Avocado Slices AVOGRANDE 1x500g
    6239 Blackberries GREENS 1x1kg
    2479 Blackcurrants GREENS 1x1kg
    4997 Blueberries GREENS 1x1kg
    2483 *CRG Raspberries COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    6370 *CRG Strawberries COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    8578 *CRG Summer Berry Fruit Mix COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    6726 Cranberries GREENS 1x1kg
    69586 Mango Diced 20x20mm GREENS 1x2.5kg
    25723 Papaya Diced 20x20mm GREENS 1x2.5kg
    32868 Pineapple tid-bits GREENS 1x2.5kg
    25067 Redcurrants DCWILLIAMSON 1x400g
    21900 Sour Cherries GREENS 1x1kg
    Frozen Fruit Puree
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    16737 Bergamot Puree BOIRON BOIRON 1x1kg
    10041 Boiron 100% Mirabelle Plum Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    18392 Boiron 100% Apricot Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    19297 Boiron 100% Blackberry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    13040 Boiron 100% Blackcurrant Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    24446 Boiron 100% Blueberry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    65684 Boiron 100% Guava Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    54949 Boiron 100% Lychee Puree BOIRON BOIRON 1x1kg
    24782 Boiron 100% Morello Cherry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    28582 Boiron 100% Papaya Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    27858 Boiron 100% Pear Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    31935 Boiron 100% Pomegranate Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    51999 Boiron 100% Pumpkin Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    76869 Boiron 100% Redcurrant Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    47077 Boiron 100% White Peach Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    55532 Boiron 100% Wild Strawberry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2175 Boiron Banana Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2179 Boiron Black Cherry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2186 Boiron Blood Orange Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2180 Boiron Coconut Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    6409 Boiron Cranberry & Morello Cherry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2117 Boiron Fig Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2174 Boiron Green Apple Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    34236 Boiron Kalamansi Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    4662 Boiron Kiwi Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    4663 Boiron Lemon Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2182 Boiron Lime Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    5047 Boiron Mandarin Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2184 Boiron Mango Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2187 Boiron Passion Fruit Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2188 Boiron Pineapple Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    4661 Boiron Pink Grapefruit Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    4769 Boiron Raspberry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2189 Boiron Rhubarb Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    2190 Boiron Strawberry Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    55271 Boiron Yuzu Puree BOIRON 1x1kg
    Frozen Potatoes/Chips
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    17933 *CRG Crispy Coated Skin On Fries 9x9mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    17901 *CRG Double Crunch Fries Skin on 10mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    62920 *CRG Double Crunch Triple Cooked Chunky Fries 19mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    16467 *CRG Fries Chunky 13x13mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    63723 *CRG Fries Crispy Coated 13x13mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    15389 *CRG Fries Crispy Coated 7x7mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    26639 *CRG Fries French 10x10mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    62227 *CRG Fries French Shoestring 7x7mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    38515 *CRG Fries Steak Cut 9/18mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    17607 *CRG Fries Sweet Potato COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    2473 *CRG Hash Browns COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    8076 *CRG Mashed Potato COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    17113 *CRG Mashed Potato COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    65095 *CRG Premium Double Crunch Fries Straight Cut 14mm COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    24996 *CRG Wedges Seasoned COUNTRYRANGE 4x2.5kg
    41776 Extra Large Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes BANNISTERS 1x10
    27892 Lamb Weston Fries Connoisseur Chunky Stealth LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    13568 Lamb Weston Fries Connoisseur Chunky Stealth Chips LAMB WESTON 1x2.5kg
    71082 Lamb Weston Fries Connoisseur Rustic LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    5797 Lamb Weston Fries Stealth 6/6mm LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    20006 Lamb Weston Fries Stealth Skin On 6/6mm LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    25958 Lamb Weston Fries Stealth Skin On Skinny 9/9mm LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    24205 Lamb Weston Hash Brown Triangles LAMB WESTON 1x1kg
    2992 Lamb Weston Original Skin on Wedges Seasoned LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    21916 Lamb Weston Potato Puffs LAMB WESTON 10x1kg
    62627 Lamb Weston Potato Puffs LAMB WESTON 1x1kg
    8964 Lamb Weston Sweet Potato Crispy Fries LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    67456 Lamb Weston Sweet Potato Crispy Fries LAMB WESTON 1x2.5kg
    31725 Lamb Weston Twisters Seasoned LAMB WESTON 1x2.5kg
    75997 Lamb Weston Twisters Seasoned LAMB WESTON 4x2.5kg
    60960 Lamb Weston Wedges Seasoned LAMB WESTON 1x2.5kg
    16531 Lutosa Xtra Crispy Allumettes 7x7mm LUTOSA 1x2.5kg
    41694 McCain Gastro Signature Chunky Chips MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    32636 McCain Original Choice Thick Cut 9/16 MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    27996 McCain Steak Cut Chips MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    40718 McCain Sweet Potato Fries MCCAIN 4x2.5kg
    2474 Pommes Croquette LAMB WESTON 1x2.5kg
    79266 Surecrisp Gourmet Chunky Chips MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    35321 Surecrisp McCain Medium Skin On Chips MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    44706 Surecrisp Skin Off Thin Fries MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    74313 Surecrisp Skin On Julienne Fries MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    22032 Surecrisp Traditional Thick Chips MCCAIN 4x2.27kg
    Frozen Vegetables
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2488 Asparagus Green 12/16mm GREENS 1x1kg
    2489 Broad Beans Extra Fine 14mm GREENS 1x1kg
    77481 Brussel Sprouts Button GREENS 1x2.5kg
    2491 *CRG Beans Green Sliced COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    2490 *CRG Beans Whole Green Very Fine 8mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    19348 *CRG Broccoli 40/60 IQF COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    6821 *CRG Cauliflower 30/60mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    16464 *CRG Choice Garden Peas COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    9491 *CRG Onion Rings Beer Battered COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2505 *CRG Peas Fancy Garden Grade A COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2506 *CRG Peas Petit Pois AA Grade COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2509 *CRG Swede Diced10/10mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2499 *CRG Sweetcorn Niblets Grade A COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2510 *CRG Vegetables Mixed Fancy Grade A COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    68452 Carrots FROZEN Diced 10/10mm GREENS 1x1kg
    68616 Carrots Whole Extra Fine GREENS 1x2.5kg
    8758 Cepes (Porcini) - Frozen LA SOVRANA 1x1kg
    7613 Corn Baby Whole GREENS 1x1kg
    2498 Corn On the Cob 2 pieces GREENS 1x2pcs
    52520 Edamame Whole Soya Beans Shelled LEATHAMS 1x500g
    62942 Farmhouse Frozen Vegetable Mix GREENS 1x1kg
    48937 Green Cabbage GREENS 1x2.5kg
    15921 Leeks Cut 50/50 15mm GREENS 1x1kg
    2501 Mushrooms Breaded GREENS 1x1kg
    51813 Onion Rings Beer Battered LAMBEWESTON 1x1kg
    64605 Onions Diced Frozen 10/10mm GREENS 1x1kg
    2503 Onions Pearl (Button/Silverskin) GREENS 1x1kg
    15662 Onions Sliced Frozen GREENS 1x1kg
    14841 Parsnips Roasted Honey GREENS 1x1kg
    57403 Peppers Mixed Red & Green Diced 10/10mm GREENS 1x1kg
    26820 Rice Frozen Easy Cook Basmati Tilda TILDA 36x200g
    76671 Rice Frozen Long Grain Tilda TILDA 36x200g
    2508 Spinach Leaf portions 40g GREENS 1x1kg
    24873 Tempura Vegetable Mix KATERVEG 1x1kg
    60978 Thai Lime Leaves Frozen CITY FRESH 1x114g
    Frozen Pies & Buffet
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    10099 5 Vegetable Green Gyoza 600g AJINOMOTO 1x30
    38006 *CRG Bacon & Cheese Turnover COUNTRYRANGE 1x40
    6888 *CRG Jumbo Sausage Rolls 6" COUNTRYRANGE 1x66
    9478 *CRG Premium Sausage Rolls 4" COUNTRYRANGE 1x108
    32363 *CRG Premium Sausage Rolls 8" COUNTRYRANGE 40x160g
    57845 *CRG Steak Slice COUNTRYRANGE 36x176g
    8774 *CRG Traditional Cornish Pasty COUNTRYRANGE 24x283g
    5058 *CRG Yorkshire Puddings 3" COUNTRYRANGE 60x3"
    60963 Canape Collection Mini Vegetarian Prestige PRESTIGE 4x12
    14922 Canape Selection Mini Savoury Prestige PRESTIGE 4x12
    36312 Cheese & Onion Pasty PROPERCORNIS 20x283g
    54021 Cheese & Onion Slice PROPERCORNIS 27x175g
    70541 Chicken & Mushroom Pie Pukka PUKKA 24x228g
    48411 Chicken & Mushroom slice PROPERCORNIS 27x175g
    25429 Duck Spring Rolls SPICE OF LIF 1x50
    19119 Falafels Daloon DALOON 1x60
    28635 Glute Free Brie & Red Onion Tart MENUSERVE 10x180g
    14412 Gluten Free Moroccan-style Cauliflower Bites KATERVEG 1x3kg
    38296 Indian Snack Selection G/F and Vegan CENTRALFOODS 3x20
    45748 Lamb Weston Mozzarella Sticks LAMB WESTON 1x1kg
    71585 Mini Veg Spring Roll Daloon DALOON 90x20g
    30111 Mini Vegetable Samosa Daloon DALOON 1x80x30g
    32698 Onion Bhaji Daloon DALOON 50x35g
    66935 Peppered Steak Slice PROPERCORNIS 27x175g
    79235 Pigs in Blankets (Bacon and Sausage rolls)   1x2.5kg
    42920 Prawn Gyoza 600g AJINOMOTO 1x30
    15139 Steak & Kidney Suet Puddings WRIGHTS 8x390g
    25232 Stuffing Balls Pork Sage & Onion PLUMTREE 1x100
    37507 Sweet Potato Cajun Spice Roulade G/F MENUSERVE 16x195g
    13781 Traditional Mixed Steak Pasty PROPERCORNIS 20x283g
    74413 Vol au Vent Mini Jus Rol JUSROL 1x60
    3000 Vol au Vents Med JUSROL 1x18
    66161 Yorkshire Puddings 4" ROBERTS 60x4"
    40464 Yorkshire Puddings 8" ROBERTS 30x8"
    Frozen Pasta
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    19458 Giganti with Ricotta & Asparagus Surgital LABORATORIO 1x3kg
    76606 Gnocchi Caserecci With Red Beetroot LABORATORIO 10x1kg
    76321 Gnocchi Surgital LABORATORIO 1x6kg
    25240 Maccheroni Al Torchio Surgital LABORATORIO 1.5kg
    30485 Panzerotti with Porcini Mushroom Surgital LABORATORIO 1x3kg
    75815 Rigatoni Precotti Surgital PASTASI 4x1kg
    21717 Tagliatelle Surgital LABORATORIO 1x2kg
    29796 Taglioline with Squid Ink Surgital LABORATORIO 1x1.5kg
    76402 Tortellacci with Ricotta & Spinach Surgital LABORATORIO 1x3kg
    17265 Tortellini with Pumpkin Surgital LABORATORIO 1x3kg
    Frozen Ready Meals
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65462 British Beef Chilli Con Carne AUTH CURRY 12x340g
    11658 British Beef Cottage Pie AUTH CURRY 12x400g
    73737 British Beef Lasagne AUTH CURRY 12x360g
    57203 British Beef Madras AUTH CURRY 12x320g
    70472 Chicken Tikka Masala AUTH CURRY 12x320g
    65122 Macaroni Cheese AUTH CURRY 12x400g
    43228 Smokey Three Bean Chilli AUTH CURRY 6x400g
    58628 Vegetable Lasagne AUTH CURRY 12x360g
    64003 Vegetable Tikka Masala AUTH CURRY 12x320g
    Frozen Pates & Dips
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73910 Supreme Guacamole AVOGRANDE 1x500g
    Frozen Plant Based
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65590 Beyond Meat Vegan Burger   40x113g
    10194 Burgers Vegetable IQF KATERVEG 36x90g
    22789 *CRG Pasty Vegan COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    40429 *CRG Sausage Roll Vegan 6" COUNTRYRANGE 1x66
    12346 Falafel Spinach Burgers 1/4lb Daloon DALOON 24x113g
    42489 Jack & Bry Jackfruit Pepperoni slices JACK & BRY 1x500g
    29028 KaterVeg Vegan Sausages KATERVEG 1x40
    60706 Katerveg Vegan Mince KATERVEG 1x1kg
    25068 Moving Mountains Burger MOVINGMOUNTA 1x20
    53048 Moving Mountains Hot Dog MOVINGMOUNTA 20x155g
    42090 Moving Mountains No-Meatballs MOVINGMOUNTA 2x1kg
    33429 Nutless Roast Slice Frozen KK FINE FOOD 16x140g
    55473 Penang Curry G/F and Vegan   15x300g
    37218 Quorn Mince QUORN 1x1kg
    19302 Quorn Pieces QUORN 1x1kg
    17083 Quorn Vegan Fillets QUORN 1x2kg
    79018 Quorn Vegan Sausages QUORN 1x2kg
    Frozen Sausages/Burgers
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    79863 *CRG 99% Gourmet Steak Burger COUNTRYRANGE 30x170g
    21778 *CRG Beef Burgers 2oz 80% IQF COUNTRYRANGE 48x57g
    5720 *CRG Beef Burgers U.S. 4oz 100% COUNTRYRANGE 48x113g
    38921 *CRG Sausages Cocktail 32's COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.27kg
    8658 *CRG Sausages Cumberland Butchers Style 6's COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.63kg
    9049 *CRG Sausages Pork 8's COUNTRYRANGE 1x80
    29277 *CRG Sausages Pork Butcher's Style 6's COUNTRYRANGE 1x3.63kg
    56966 Pork Sausages 4's KARRO 1x40
    36314 Premium Beef Burgers UK 60x113g
    42664 Premium Beef Burgers UK 40x170g
    60495 Premium Pork Bockwurst DAMHUS 8x90g
    Frozen Chicken
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27556 Breaded Chicken Breast Steak Red Tractor THEUKFOODHAL 80x60g
    11108 Breaded Chicken Fillets SEARA 1x1kg
    69128 *CRG Chicken BBQ Marinated Wings COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    9801 *CRG Chicken Goujons Breaded COUNTRYRANGE 1x2kg
    5218 *CRG Chicken Goujons Southern Fried COUNTRYRANGE 1x2kg
    4557 *CRG Chicken Hot & Spicy Marinated Wings COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    27164 *CRG Chicken Nuggets Battered COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    39046 *CRG Chicken Steaks Battered 85g COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.02kg
    58469 Chicken Breast Chunks Battered SEARA 1x1kg
    28285 Chicken Breast Diced 12mm C VALE 1x2.5kg
    26922 Chicken Cooked Steamed Strips 12mm   1x2.5kg
    63237 Chicken Kievs GOLDENVALLEY 12x170g
    Frozen Meat
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    48503 Frozen Sliced Cooked Duck Meat   1x2kg
    15735 Half Rack BBQ Ribs MENUSERVE 12x1
    20810 Pepperoni Sliced PIZZA PLUS 1x1kg
    Frozen Fish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    11683 Arctic Royal Seafood Selection ARCTIC ROYAL 10x1kg
    6077 *CRG Battered Cod 80-110g COUNTRYRANGE 1x30
    46506 *CRG Battered Haddock 140-170g COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    35237 *CRG Breaded Plaice Fillets 170-200g COUNTRYRANGE 1x18
    6376 *CRG Breaded White Fish Fishcakes COUNTRYRANGE 30x113g
    12554 *CRG Cod Battered 110-140g COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    59464 *CRG Cod Battered 140-170g COUNTRYRANGE 1x24
    2437 *CRG Cod Battered 170-200g COUNTRYRANGE 1x18
    65077 *CRG Cod Fish Finger Goujon Gourmet 35g COUNTRYRANGE 2x1kg
    29906 *CRG Fishcakes Thai Style Cod & Prawn COUNTRYRANGE 24x90g
    22936 *CRG Salmon Portion 170-200g COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    55918 Cod Fillets IQF 140-170g ROYALGREENLA 1x4.54kg
    70627 Cod Fillets IQF Skinless & Boneless 140-170g ARCTIC ROYAL 1x25
    59304 Cod Fillets IQF Skinless & Boneless 230-280g ARCTIC ROYAL 1x15
    24956 Cod Fillets IQF Skinless & Boneless 280-340g ARCTIC ROYAL 1x12
    46784 Fish Fingers (Minced White Fish) 60x25g YOUNGS 1x1.5kg
    43343 Haddock Fillets Skinless & Boneless SEAHAWK 1x4.54kg
    54602 Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets SEAHAWK 1x3.17kg
    69250 Jumbo Cod Fish Fingers YOUNGS 36x70g
    62613 MSC Pollock Fillets S/L, B/L 140-170G ARCTIC ROYAL 1x25
    5160 Plaice Goujons Breaded 45g WHITBY 1x450g
    49329 Salmon Fishcakes MSC HAVELOK 50x56g
    34312 Sea bass Fillet 180-220g SEAHAWK 1x1kg
    49017 Squid Chunks Salt & Pepper PACIFIC WEST 1x1kg
    7406 Squid Rings Battered SEAHAWK 1x500g
    59615 Squid Tubes CLEAR SEAS 1x1kg
    64414 Tuna Loin Steaks Skinless & Boneless 6/8oz ARCTIC ROYAL 1x10
    52068 Whitebait Coated SEAHAWK 1x454g
    64500 Yellow Smoked Haddock Fillet 80-130g PREMIUMICELA 1x24
    Frozen Shellfish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8686 *CRG Prawns Cold Water 100/200 10% Glaze 2kg Gross Weight COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.8kg
    58825 *CRG Prawns Cold Water 200/300 25% Glaze 2kg Gross Weight COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    2455 *CRG Scampi Wholetail Breaded COUNTRYRANGE 1x454g
    9455 Crabmeat Orkney 50/50 SEAHAWK 1x450g
    36518 Irish Whole Shell On Mussels SEAHAWK 5x1kg
    7998 King Prawns Peeled & Deveined 20% Glaze ARCTIC ROYAL 1x1kg
    53033 King Prawns in Filo Pastry 21/26 SEAHAWK 1x500g
    76528 King prawns 26/30 700g N.D.W. ARCTIC ROYAL 1x1kg
    24467 Southern Fried Popcorn Shrimp WHITBY 1x450g
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