Dairy & Eggs

Our broad range of dairy products gives you wide options to meet every requirement including free range and gluten free. Choose from our fantastic range of local, regional and specialist cheeses as well milks, creams, yoghurts and eggs.

Harvest Fine Foods Ltd - Dairy, Cheese and Eggs

Dairy, Cheese and Eggs

  • Eggs - Whole/Packaged
  • Milk
  • Butters Fats & Spreads
  • Cream - Chilled
  • Yogurts - Chilled
  • Organic Dairy
  • Cheese - Local
  • Cheese - English
  • Cheese - West Country
  • Cheese - French
  • Cheese - Blue
  • Cheese - Scottish
  • Cheese - Welsh
  • Cheese - Italian
  • Cheese - International
  • Cheese - Irish
  • Cheese - Soft Cream
  • Cheese - Vegan
  • Savoury Biscuits
  • Dairy Longlife
  • Frozen Dairy
  • Frozen Cheeses
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    Eggs - Whole/Packaged
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    28601 Colony Eggs Large   1x180
    61430 Colony Eggs Medium   1x60
    9959 Free Range Eggs Medium   1x60
    54003 Free Range Eggs Medium   1x15doz
    78667 Medium Eggs   1x12
    54515 Pasteurised Egg White COCOVITE 1x1kg
    47058 Pasteurised Egg Yolk COCOVITE 1x1kg
    11944 Pasteurised Whole Egg COCOVITE 1x1kg
    22239 Quails Eggs 1x18   1x18
    2158 Quails Eggs Jar   1x48
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    70173 Buttermilk BV DAIRY 1x1lt
    1908 Semi Skimmed British Milk Pergal 13.6lt FRESHWAYS Pergal
    1905 Semi Skimmed Milk FRESHWAYS 1x1lt
    1907 Semi Skimmed Milk FRESHWAYS 1x2lt
    18143 Semi Skimmed Milk Cartons WISEMAN 1x189ml
    1906 Semi Skimmed Milk Pint FRESHWAYS 1x568ml
    67328 Semi Skimmed Milk Pouches FRESHWAYS 9x1.5lt
    1911 Skimmed British Milk FRESHWAYS 1x2lt
    1910 Skimmed Milk Pint FRESHWAYS 1x568ml
    1904 Whole British Milk Pergal 13.6lt FRESHWAYS Pergal
    1901 Whole Milk FRESHWAYS 1x1lt
    1903 Whole Milk FRESHWAYS 1x2lt
    1902 Whole Milk Pint FRESHWAYS 1x568ml
    14208 Whole Milk Pouches FRESHWAYS 9x1.5lt
    Butters Fats & Spreads
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    36264 Anchor Salted Butter ANCHOR 1x500g
    76997 Butter Portions Lurpak LURPAK 100x8g
    75541 Butter Portions Size 7 DALE FARM 1x100
    27369 *Butterich Spread BEBO 1x2kg
    9473 Clarified Butter KARLA 1x2kg
    67639 *Cooking &Baking Margarin BEBO 36x250g
    49102 Flora Portions FLORA 200x10g
    45769 Flora Tub Marg Buttery FLORA 1x2kg
    45320 Garlic Butter Oak Smoked GARLIC FARM 1x200g
    49689 Garlic Butter With Black Garlic GARLIC FARM 1x200g
    23983 Garlic Butter With Parsley Thyme & Black Pepper GARLIC FARM 1x200g
    4795 Lard Block Kerrymaid KERRYMAID 1x250g
    6225 L'escure Demi-Sel Butter Roll L'ESCURE 20x250g
    1399 L'escure Unsalted Butter Rolls L'ESCURE 20x250g
    72555 Light Sunflower Spread BEBO 1x2kg
    66722 Meadowland (Wrapper) Professional MEADOWLAND 40x250g
    37280 Netherend Salted Butter NETHEREND 100x10g
    45868 Netherend Unsalted Butter NETHEREND 100x10g
    71670 Plant Butter Salted FLORA 20x250g
    71765 Plant Butter Unsalted FLORA 20x250g
    43012 *Salted Butter ARLA 20x250g
    79770 *Soft Spread BEBO 1x2kg
    60733 Sunflower Spread Portions Vegan BEBO 1x100
    33432 Truffle Butter TRUFFLEHOUND 1x180g
    38105 *Unsalted Butter ARLA 20x250g
    56579 Unsalted Butter Bulk CARRONLODGE 1x25kg
    Cream - Chilled
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73401 Aerosol Cream UHT CUISINE 1x500g
    62554 Clotted Cream Tray BV DAIRY 1x1kg
    26227 Double Cream - Fresh FRESHWAYS 1x2ltr
    68789 Hopla Dairy Free Whipped Topping HOPLA 1x250g
    24190 Single Cream - Fresh FRESHWAYS 1x2ltr
    46986 Soured Cream (Set) BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    15587 Whipping Cream 40% - Fresh FRESHWAYS 1x2ltr
    Yogurts - Chilled
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    67969 20% Full Fat Soft Cream Cheese BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    34818 Alpro Simply Plain Yogurt ALPRO 1x500g
    42731 Assorted Fruit Thick & Creamy Yoghurt GOLDENACRE 20x125g
    44981 Blueberry Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x160g
    44786 Fat Free Dorset Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x500g
    46432 Mixed Berry Kefir DORSET DAIRY 1x500ml
    16314 Natural Kefir DORSET DAIRY 1x500ml
    38606 Natural Yoghurt BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    65436 Raspberry Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x160g
    58384 Smooth Fruit Yoghurts ANN FORSHAWS 12x85g
    49993 Strawberry Kefir DORSET DAIRY 1x500ml
    51672 Strawberry Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x160g
    38286 Whole Milk Dorset Strained Yoghurt DORSET DAIRY 1x500g
    78174 Yoghurt Fat Free Greek Style ALSTON DAIRY 1x450g
    38398 Yoghurt Natural   1x400g
    59222 Yoghurt Natural Greek Style BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    15290 Yoghurts Mixed Fruit ALSTON DAIRY 12x125g
    31374 Yoghurts Natural ALSTON DAIRY 12x125g
    Organic Dairy
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1404 Organic Bath Soft Cheese   1x260g
    Cheese - Local
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    15203 Austen Feta Style Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    5322 Barbers Cheese Reserve BARBERS av.1.00Kg
    67498 Blyton Dorset Brie BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    50747 Coastal Dorset Cheddar COASTAL 1x1kg
    49296 Cranborne Blue BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    52182 Cranborne Blue BOOK&BUCKET av.3.20Kg
    1612 Dorset Blue Vinny DORSETBLUE av.1.50Kg
    55864 Dorset Blue Vinny 6kg DORSETBLUE av.6.00Kg
    62683 Dorset Red Cheese FORD FARM av.1.10Kg
    62072 Gallybagger Day 1 for day 7 I.O.W CHEESE av.5.00Kg
    64428 Hardy's Sheep Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET av.3.00Kg
    73338 Hardy's Sheep Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    22492 Huxley Fire Halloumi Style BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    14975 Huxley Halloumi Style BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    41497 Isle of Wight Blue I.O.W CHEESE 1x180g
    59561 Isle of Wight Soft I.O.W CHEESE 1x180g
    64294 Lyburn Garlic & Nettle Cheese LYBURN FARM av.2.45Kg
    11456 Lyburn Gold LYBURN FARM av.5.00Kg
    44978 Lyburn Gold LYBURN FARM av.2.50Kg
    34628 Lyburn Old Winchester 1/2's LYBURN FARM av.2.50Kg
    44518 Lyburn Smoked 2.5kg LYBURN FARM av.2.45Kg
    5238 Lyburn Stoney Cross LYBURN FARM av.2.50Kg
    56290 Lyburn Winchester LYBURN FARM av.2.45Kg
    64632 Old Winchester Wheel LYBURN FARM av.5.00Kg
    14009 Orwell Sheeps Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    31801 Orwell Topped With Pink Peppercorns BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    57314 Potter Soft Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    1479 Rosary Ash Goats Log (small) ROSARY 1x275g
    25442 Rosary Dazel Ash ROSARY 1x220g
    44440 Rosary Garlic & Parsley ROSARY 2x1kg
    65827 Rosary Garlic & Parsley Button ROSARY 1x100g
    1480 Rosary Goat Log Plain 1kg ROSARY 1x1kg
    9671 Rosary Goats Log ROSARY 1x275g
    21853 Rosary Little Lepe ROSARY 2x70g
    28866 Rosary St. Ella Cheese ROSARY 2x70g
    49966 Shakespeare Cheese BOOK&BUCKET av.1.00Kg
    37219 Shakespeare Sheeps Milk Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x150g
    56088 Smoked Blyton Dorset Brie BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    63764 Smoked Huxley BOOK&BUCKET av.0.75Kg
    12214 Smoked Huxley Halloumi Style BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    42016 Smoked Wordsworth BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    1495 Tunworth Soft HAMP CHEESE 1x250g
    55665 Wilde Garlic Soft Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    42616 Winslade Cheese HAMP CHEESE 1x230g
    46225 Wordsworth Cheese BOOK&BUCKET av.3.50Kg
    51021 Wordsworth Cheese BOOK&BUCKET 1x200g
    Cheese - English
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6930 Applewood Smoked Halves APPLEWOOD 1x1.5kg
    23526 Applewood Smoked Slices APPLEWOOD 1x500g
    3037 Burger Cheese Slices KERRY 1x1.4kg
    1452 Capricorn Goats Cheese CAPRICORN 1x100g
    1415 Cerney Ash English Goats Pyramid   1x200g
    48052 Charcoal Cheddar Cheese   1xeach
    29524 *Cheddar Cheese Mature NANTWICH 1x4.75kg
    65994 *Cheddar Cheese Mild NANTWICH 1x4.75kg
    11409 *Cheddar Mature Grated CHURN VALLEY 1x2kg
    36614 *Cheddar Mild Grated NANTWICH 1x2kg
    35203 Cornish Blue   av.1.00Kg
    1422 Cornish Yarg Baby CORNISH av.1.00Kg
    8597 Godminster Small Heart Cheddar GODMINSTER 1x200g
    9987 Golden Cross GOLDENCROSS 1x225g
    69620 Lancashire Bomb   1x460g
    7142 Mini Cheddar Portions   40x20g
    15433 Mixed Cheese Portions ARLA 50x20g
    5779 Ragstone 200g   1x200g
    35449 Red Leicester CARRONLODGE av.5.00Kg
    61631 Red Leicester (Grated)   1x2kg
    56030 *Sliced Mature Cheddar NANTWICH 50x20g
    15159 *Sliced Mild Cheddar NANTWICH 50x20g
    11586 Sliced Red Leicester   50x20g
    1616 Somerset Camembert Cheese   8x220g
    1490 Stinking Bishop   av.1.70Kg
    1502 Waterloo WATERLOO av.0.80Kg
    3073 Wensleydale/Cranberry   1x1.2kg
    5374 Wigmore WIGMORE av.0.75Kg
    10623 Wookey Hole Cave Matured Cheddar WOOKEY HOLE av.3.30Kg
    Cheese - West Country
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1614 Somerset Brie CROXTONMANOR 1xeach
    Cheese - French
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    14070 Brie Wedge   1x180g
    1408 Brie de Meaux   av.3.50Kg
    26386 *Camembert SAVOUREZ 1x250g
    46678 Camembert Ermitage ERMITAGE 1x125g
    21476 Comte Cheese Block COMTE av.1.10Kg
    1505 Epoisses   1x250g
    54228 Fourme D'Ambert CARRONLODGE 1x2kg
    75456 Livarot CARRONLODGE 1x500g
    64693 Munster Cheese CARRONLODGE 1x800g
    1425 Petit Crottins Pasdeloup   12x60g
    34521 Pont Leveque CARRONLODGE 1x350g
    1473 Reblochon De Savoie ENTRE MONT 1x450g
    1482 Roule Garlic & Herb   av.0.90Kg
    Cheese - Blue
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1518 Barkham Blue TWO HOOTS av.0.83Kg
    45572 Bath Blue   av.3.50Kg
    1406 Blacksticks Blue 3kg BUTLERS av.3.00Kg
    39678 Burt's Blue Cheese   av.1.10Kg
    6564 Devon Blue   av.1.80Kg
    45194 Lancashire Blue Wheel   av.2.00Kg
    1464 Oxford Blue   av.2.70Kg
    7920 Shropshire Blue 1/4 2kg   av.2.00Kg
    9647 Stilton 1/4's TUXFORDTEBBU av.2.10Kg
    1489 Stilton Blue Baby LONG CLAWSON av.2.30Kg
    62681 Stilton Wedge CLAWSON 1x220g
    44221 Yorkshire Blue SHEPHERDS PU 2x750g
    Cheese - Scottish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7346 Caboc   1x110g
    Cheese - Welsh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    76954 Snowdonia Amber Mist SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    78536 Snowdonia Beechwood Smoked SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    18318 Snowdonia Black Bomber SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    23899 Snowdonia Bouncing Berry SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    47541 Snowdonia Ginger Spice SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    65831 Snowdonia Green Thunder SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    68920 Snowdonia Pickle Power SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    8555 Snowdonia Red Devil SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    28480 Snowdonia Red Storm SNOWDONIA 1x200g
    68847 Snowdonia Rock Star SNOWDONIA 1x150g
    45561 Snowdonia Truffle Trove SNOWDONIA 1x150g
    Cheese - Italian
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    51146 Buffalo Mozzarealla Balls COLLEBIANCO 1x200g
    39845 Burrata CARRONLODGE 1x125g
    1430 Dolcelatte 1/4's   1x1.5kg
    3056 Gorgonzola 1/4s   av.1.50Kg
    1466 *Grana Padano Italian Hard Cheese   1x1kg
    1467 Grana Padano Italian Hard Cheese Shavings   1x1kg
    76376 Grated Formaggio Hard Italian Cheese EMILIO 1x1kg
    26817 *Grated Mozzarella 100% FIORELLO 1x2kg
    62784 *Grated Mozzarella/Cheddar Mix 70/30% FIORELLO 1x2kg
    21025 Mascarpone BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    31715 Mascarpone EPIU 1x250g
    28762 *Mozzarella Balls LATBRI 1x125g
    47297 Mozzarella Block   1x1kg
    1459 Mozzarella Bocconcino VALERIOS 1x1kg
    5660 Mozzarella Smoked   1x250g
    1477 Ricotta Cheese EPIU 1x250g
    1478 Ricotta Cheese BRESCIALAT 1x1.5kg
    Cheese - International
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3057 Gruyere King Cuts   av.1.50Kg
    40348 *Halloumi Block YAMAS 1x1kg
    21749 Halloumi Burger Slices YAMAS 1x200g
    31991 Halloumi Sticks Uncoated YAMAS 1x1.2kg
    1454 Manchego Super Pure   av.3.00Kg
    31781 Sliced Emmental Cheese EXTONS 50x20g
    11858 Sliced Monterey Jack EXTONS 50x20g
    Cheese - Irish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1414 Cashel Blue   av.1.50Kg
    Cheese - Soft Cream
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    77297 Compsey Creme Fraiche COMPSEY 1x2kg
    3051 Creme Fraiche BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    1424 Creme Fraiche 30% LONGLEYFARM 1x20cl
    59387 Dip & Crunch Laughing Cow LAUGHING COW 8x4x35g
    69226 Full Fat Soft Cream Cheese BV DAIRY 1x2kg
    3065 Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA 1x1.65kg
    Cheese - Vegan
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    26382 Vegan Applewood Block APPLEWOOD 1x200g
    35749 Vegan Applewood Slices APPLEWOOD 1x200g
    52868 Vegan Prosociano Wedge VIOLIFE 1x150g
    79491 Vegan Shredded Mozzarella Flavour HELLO V 1x200g
    13525 Vegan Sliced Cheese HELLO V 1x140g
    58730 Vegan White Style Cheddar VIOLIFE 1x200g
    55619 Violife Creamy Spread VIOLIFE 1x200g
    48440 Violife Greek White Block VIOLIFE 1x200g
    37256 Violife Mediterranean Style (Halloumi Alternative) VIOLIFE 1x200g
    Savoury Biscuits
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27466 Biscuits for Cheese Jacobs JACOBS 1x800g
    1140 Carrs Water Biscuits CARRS 1x125g
    32447 Fudges Cheese Biscuit Caterpack FUDGES 1x1.6kg
    4815 Jacobs Cream Crackers JACOBS 12x300g
    Dairy Longlife
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    62254 Kerrymaid Double Cream KERRYMAID 1x1lt
    66572 Kerrymaid Single Cream KERRYMAID 1x1lt
    47425 Kerrymaid Whipping Cream Alternative KERRYMAID 1x1lt
    3491 Millac Gold Double MILLAC 1x1lt
    14854 Semi-Skimmed Long-Life Milk LAKELAND 1x1lt
    Frozen Dairy
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5827 Roddas Clotted Cream Portions Frozen RODDAS 96x40g
    Frozen Cheeses
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    14855 Frozen Burrata EURO POMELLA 1x125g
    43239 Mozzarella Pearls ZUGER 1x3kg
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