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The Caterfood Collection is the range of Caterfood Buying Group own-brand products, without any need to compromise on taste or quality. The Caterfood Collection offers three tiers of quality with a basic, select and premium range, to suit every customer. 

Harvest Fine Foods Ltd - Caterfood Range

Caterfood Range

  • Caterfood Own Label Range
  • Last Updated 10/ 7/24

    Caterfood Own Label Range
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    53143 *4" Sausage Roll CATERFOOD 1x60
    66282 *6" Sausage Roll CATERFOOD 1x50
    65996 *8" Sausage Roll CATERFOOD 1x40
    25189 *CF Almonds Flaked CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    74339 *CF Almonds Ground CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    70888 *CF Aluminium Foil 18" CATERFOOD 1x75m
    69191 *CF BBQ Sauce CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    35607 *CF Bacon Unsmoked Rindless Back CATERFOOD 1x2.25kg
    21531 *CF Baguette Small P/B CATERFOOD 1x30
    73739 *CF Baking Parchment 18" CATERFOOD 1x75m
    69150 *CF Beans Green Whole Fine Frozen CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    71002 *CF Beef Burger 4oz 100% CATERFOOD 48x113g
    19557 *CF Broccoli 40/60 IQF Frozen CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    79054 *CF Catering Chocolate Ice Cream CATERFOOD 1x4lt
    61250 *CF Catering Strawberry Ice Cream CATERFOOD 1x4lt
    10714 *CF Catering Vanilla Ice Cream CATERFOOD 1x4lt
    24184 *CF Cauliflower Florets Frozen CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    49058 *CF Clingfilm 18" Cutterbox CATERFOOD 1x300m
    66756 *CF Coconut Desiccated CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    67012 *CF Cod Fillet IQF 232-272g CATERFOOD 1x12ea
    79191 *CF Essentials - Baked Beans CATERFOOD 1x3.12Kg
    66292 *CF Essentials - Coarse Grain Mustard CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    33036 *CF Essentials Brown Sauce CATERFOOD 1x4.3kg
    71115 *CF Essentials English Mustard CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    13673 *CF Essentials French Dressing with EVO Oil CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    56475 *CF Essentials Horseradish Sauce CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    76832 *CF Essentials Tartare Sauce CATERFOOD 1x2.27lt
    22089 *CF Essentials Tomato Ketchup CATERFOOD 1x4.5kg
    52313 *CF Floured Bap 5" CATERFOOD 6x8
    44157 *CF Gourmet Beef Burger 90% CATERFOOD 30x170g
    40976 *CF Laundry Powder Biological CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    36898 *CF Laundry Powder Non Bio CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    18626 *CF Lemon Floor Gel CATERFOOD 1x5lt
    69650 *CF Peas Fancy Grade A Frozen CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    74043 *CF Peas Garden Choice Frozen CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    11597 *CF Peas Petit Pois Frozen CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    34197 *CF Pink Pearl Perfumed Soap CATERFOOD 1x5ltr
    15285 *CF Pitted Dates CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    18533 *CF Pure Clear Blossom Honey Squeezy CATERFOOD 1x680g
    51433 *CF Raisins CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    41820 *CF Salmon Fillet Portion 170-200g CATERFOOD 1x10
    60061 *CF Shoestring Chips 7/7mm CATERFOOD 6x2.5kg
    78570 *CF Steak Chips 10/18mm CATERFOOD 6x2.5kg
    27841 *CF Straightcut Chip 12/12mm CATERFOOD 6x2.5kg
    29868 *CF Straightcut Chips 10/10mm CATERFOOD 6x2.5kg
    40857 *CF Straightcut Chips 14/14mm CATERFOOD 6x2.5kg
    50862 *CF Sultanas CATERFOOD 1x3kg
    61600 *CF Sweetcorn Kernels CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    53563 *CF Tomato Peeled Plum TIN CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    65681 *CF Tomatoes Chopped CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    25751 *CF Tuna Chunks in Brine CATERFOOD 1x1.88Kg
    37032 *CF Tuna Chunks in Brine CATERFOOD 1x800g
    71588 *CF Vegetables Mixed Grade A Frozen CATERFOOD 1x2.5kg
    14201 *CF Walnut Halves CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    20281 *CF Walnut Pieces CATERFOOD 1x1kg
    12249 *CF Washing Up Liquid CATERFOOD 1x5lt
    32100 *CF White Small Baguette CATERFOOD 1x30
    17766 *CF Wholetail Scampi Breaded CATERFOOD 1x450g
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