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  • Last Updated 16/10/20

    Home Dairy
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8418 *CRG Salted Butter 1x250g COUNTRYRANGE 1x250g
    4756 *CRG UHT Whipping Cream COUNTRYRANGE 1x1ltr
    3028 *CRG Unsalted Butter 1x250g COUNTRYRANGE 1x250g
    62554 Clotted Cream Tray BV DAIRY 1x1kg
    52268 Devon Clotted Cream Long Life DEVONCREAMCO 1x170g
    68536 Free Range Eggs   1x12
    4795 Lard Block Kerrymaid KERRYMAID 1x250g
    48744 Longley Farm Buttermilk LONGLEYFARM 1x500ml
    3491 Millac Gold Double MILLAC 1x1lt
    45320 Oak Smoked Garlic Farm Butter GARLIC FARM 1x200g
    1424 Organic Creme Fraiche 30% LONGLEYFARM 1x20cl
    1905 Semi Skimmed Milk   1x1lt
    1907 Semi Skimmed Milk   1x2lt
    57786 Semi Skimmed Milk UHT   1x1ltr
    1911 Skimmed British Milk   1x2lt
    74118 Utterly Butterly PMP ST IVEL 1x500g
    1901 Whole Milk   1x1lt
    1903 Whole Milk   1x2lt
    78174 Yogurt Fat Free Greek Style ALSTON DAIRY 1x450g
    38398 Yogurt Natural   1x400g
    50496 Yogurts Luxury Fruit ANN FORSHAWS 12x140g
    26511 Yogurts Luxury Plain ANN FORSHAWS 12x140g
    15290 Yogurts Mixed Fruit ALSTON DAIRY 12x125g
    Home Cheese
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5322 Barbers Cheese Reserve BARBERS av.1.00Kg
    6261 *CRG Cheddar Mature Grated COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    7394 *CRG Cheddar Mild Grated COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    3039 Camembert Whole Wheel In Box LE FIN NORMA 1x250g
    50747 Coastal Dorset Cheddar COASTAL 1x1kg
    70449 Francis Cheese   av.0.80Kg
    14855 Frozen Burrata   1x125g
    63505 Grated Mozzarella 100%   1x1kg
    75562 Greek Feta Vac Pack YAMAS 1x900g
    1447 Halloumi Cheese   1x250g
    13969 Isle of Wight Blue   1x200g
    59561 Isle of Wight Soft   1x180g
    56181 Little Colonel Cheese   1x235g
    47644 Lyburn Garlic & Nettle Cheese Wedge 230g LYBURN FARM 1x230g
    31581 Lyburn Gold Wedge 230g LYBURN FARM 1x230g
    69382 Lyburn Old Winchester Wedge 230g LYBURN FARM 1x230g
    77694 Lyburn Winchester Wedge 230g LYBURN FARM 1x230g
    31715 Mascarpone EPIU 1x250g
    74184 Mozzarella Balls JAGER 1x125g
    5660 Mozzarella Smoked   1x250g
    1479 Rosary Ash Goats Log (small) ROSARY 1x275g
    9671 Rosary Goats Log ROSARY 1x275g
    1495 Tunworth Soft   1x250g
    23529 Vegan Grated Pizza Topping   1x200g
    57141 Vegan Sliced Cheese KOLIOS 1x200g
    30076 Vegan White Style Cheddar   1x200g
    Home Delicatessen
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27251 Bacon Cooked Streaky WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    3103 Beef Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    24141 *CRG Ham Gammon Sliced 100% COUNTRYRANGE 1x500g
    75715 Chorizo Sliced   1x500g
    5753 Ham Honey Roast Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    5062 Ham Serrano Sliced   1x500g
    27806 Ham Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    75005 Ham Smoked Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    77622 Italian Antipasti Charcuti CHARCUTI 1x135g
    76871 Pancetta Lardons Smoked CHARCUTI 1x500g
    7604 Pancetta Smoked Sliced   1x250g
    5116 Pastrami Sliced   1x500g
    37569 Prosciutto Ham Sliced GRAN BOSCO 1x500g
    12284 Rindless Back Bacon BROOKES 1x450g
    32141 Salami Milano Sliced Charcuti CHARCUTI 1x250g
    3114 Salami Napoli Sliced   1x500g
    25034 Smoked Back Bacon BROOKES 1x450g
    49425 Spanish Tapas Mix Charcuti CHARCUTI 1x120g
    3125 Turkey Sliced 100% WESSEX COUNT 1x500g
    Home Butchery
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65983 Beef Minced 95% Red Tractor   1x1kg
    36697 Chicken Supreme Skin On Red Tractor 199-227g   1x5
    44057 Chickens Fresh Whole Red Tractor   1xeach
    26968 Gammon Steaks 8oz Red Tractor   5x227g
    69062 Pork Loin Steaks Red Tractor 170g   5x170g
    12577 Pork Sausage Meat   1x500g
    12284 Rindless Back Bacon BROOKES 1x450g
    70690 Rolled Gammon Joint   1xeach
    10289 Rolled Leg Lamb   1xeach
    59171 Rolled Loin Pork   1xeach
    42018 Rolled Shoulder Pork   1xeach
    12759 Rolled Topside Joint   1xeach
    25034 Smoked Back Bacon BROOKES 1x450g
    Home Fresh Fish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    60917 Chalk Stream Trout Portion 140/170g PREMIER FISH 1xeach
    62986 Cod Portion 140/170g PREMIER FISH 1xeach
    45939 Haddock Fillet 140/170g PREMIER FISH 1xeach
    57565 Plaice Fillets 170/230g PREMIER FISH 1xeach
    42293 Salmon Portion 140/170g PREMIER FISH 1xeach
    76801 Sea Bass Fillet 140/170g PREMIER FISH 1xeach
    Home Store Cupboard
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3851 Bulgar Wheat   1x1kg
    63028 *CRG Vinegar White Wine COUNTRYRANGE 1x2lt
    60604 Chia Seeds   1x1kg
    5693 Cous Cous Israeli   1x1kg
    63095 OXO Beef Cubes OXO 1x60's
    23788 Oil Sesame COOKS & CO 1x500ml
    55121 Oil Walnut CENTAUR 1x500ml
    3874 Quinoa   1x1kg
    74468 Quinoa Black   1x1kg
    45952 Quinoa Red   1x1kg
    15520 Quinoa Tri Colour   1x1kg
    28250 Rapeseed Oil Maple Smoked Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    71382 Rapeseed Oil Pure English Colpressed COLD PRESSED 1x500ml
    35610 Rapeseed Oil White Truffle Coldpressed COLD PRESSED 1x250ml
    2946 Sea Salt Maldon MALDON 1x250g
    5651 Sea Salt Maldon Smoked MALDON 1x125g
    72540 Spelt Grain CENTAUR 1x1kg
    57204 Stock Cubes Chicken Knorr KNORR 1x8
    69113 Stock Cubes Vegetable Knorr KNORR 1x80g
    Home Tinned Vegetables
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2764 Artichoke Bottoms COOKS & CO 1x390g
    2765 Artichoke Hearts BOWES HILL 1x390g
    1356 Baked Beans Heinz HEINZ 1x415g
    2794 Bamboo Shoots Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x560g
    2796 Bean Sprouts Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x410g
    8904 Beans Borlotti RIVERDENE 1x800g
    2786 *CRG Baked Beans COUNTRYRANGE 1x850g
    1396 *CRG Beans Cannellini COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    3194 *CRG Beans Flageolet COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    3196 *CRG Beans Red Kidney COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    3192 *CRG Butter Beans COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    3199 *CRG Chick Peas Tinned COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    7184 *CRG Coconut Milk COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    1358 *CRG Five Bean Salad COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    2767 *CRG Tomato Puree 28/30% COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    49763 Chick Peas RIVERDENE 1x400g
    3526 Coconut Creamed Block Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x200g
    63328 Coconut Oil BIONA 1x200g
    59931 Garden Peas in Water SMEDLEY'S 1x300g
    22941 Red Kidney Beans RIVERDENE 1x400g
    23507 Sweetcorn Tinned BALLERINA 1x340g
    1155 Tomato Passata MUTTI 1x500g
    13309 Tomato Sauce Rich & Rustic Maggi MAGGI 1x800g
    2807 Water Chestnuts Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x567g
    Home Tinned Fruit
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    65783 Apricot Halves in Juice RIVERDENE 1x820g
    37720 *CRG Figs Green in Syrup COUNTRYRANGE 1x800g
    35873 *CRG Prunes in Syrup COUNTRYRANGE 1x850g
    1101 Cherries - Red Cocktail (maraschino) NOELS 1x605g
    1165 Cherries Dark Pitted BLK 1x820g
    2113 Cherry Apples Whole Baby in Syrup   1x400g
    2773 Fruit Cocktail in Syrup VALFRUTTA 1x822g
    13225 Fruit Cocktail in Syrup DEL MONTE 1x825g
    32215 Jackfruit in Brine LAMTHONG 1x565g
    2812 Mango Slices in Syrup TIGER TIGER 1x425g
    17126 Peach Slices in Juice RIVERDENE 1x411g
    68078 Peach Slices in Juice RIVERDENE 1x825g
    10876 Pear Halves in Syrup 825g DEL MONTE 1x825g
    28527 Pears Baby CENTAUR 1x425g
    7855 Pineapple Sliced in Juice DEL MONTE 1x820g
    Home Tinned Fish & Meat
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1156 Anchovy Fillets Cooks & Co COOKS & CO 1x365g
    71071 *CRG Tuna Chunks in Brine COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    15739 Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce FRAY BENTOS 1x380g
    10795 Pot Noodle Beef & Tomato POT NOODLE 1x90g
    28259 Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom POT NOODLE 1x90g
    31288 Pot Noodle Original Curry POT NOODLE 1x90g
    55740 Princes HotDogs In Brine 8's PRINCES 1x400g
    49145 Princes Mackerel Fillets In Tomato PRINCES 1x125g
    35636 Princes Pink Salmon Tinned PRINCES 1x418g
    57306 Princes Tuna Chunks in Brine PRINCES 1x185g
    37060 Tuna Chunks in Brine PRINCES 12x185g
    Home Rice & Pasta
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73944 Cannelloni   1x250g
    68533 Fagiolini Pasta Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    55085 Fregola Toasted CENTAUR 1x1kg
    56501 Fusilli Brown Rice Doves G/F DOVES 1x500g
    56622 Fusilli Pasta Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    55956 Linguine Di Passero Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    8877 Orzo Pasta Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    2128 Papardelle Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    60066 Penne Pasta Doves G/F DOVES 1x500g
    38482 Penne Rigate Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    10292 Rice Basmati HABIB 1x2kg
    8190 Rice Carnaroli for Risotto MARTINOTTI 1x1kg
    23955 Rice Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Mix SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    3891 Rice Ground Rice SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    2829 Rice Jasmine Fragrant   1x1kg
    2945 Rice Mixed White/Red/Wild MERCHANTGOUR 1x1kg
    3903 Rice Pudding SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    8811 Rice Thai Jasmine   1x2kg
    9402 Rice Wild Black Grain   1x1kg
    72253 Rigatoni Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    75193 Spaghetti Doves G/F DOVES 1x500g
    20723 Spaghetti Riscossa RISCOSSA 1x500g
    Home Biscuits
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    47014 *CRG Digestive Biscuits COUNTRYRANGE 1x400g
    1140 Carrs Water Biscuits CARRS 1x125g
    16278 Crawfords Pink Wafer CRAWFORDS 1x100g
    28434 Jacobs Cracker Mini Packs JACOBS 1x168
    58013 Jaffa Cakes MCVITIES 1x10
    60822 McVities Ginger Nuts MCVITIES 1x250g
    66202 McVities Hob Nobs MCVITIES 1x300g
    29703 McVities Rich Tea Biscuits MCVITIES 1x200g
    Home Baking
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2140 00 Pizza/Pasta Flour RISCOSSA 1x1kg
    67399 00 Pizza/Pasta Flour L'ITALIANA 1x1kg
    7015 Agave Syrup CRAZY JACK 1x250ml
    2101 Amaretti Biscuits   1x500g
    6039 Billingtons Golden Caster Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x1kg
    7952 Billingtons Muscovado Dark Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x500g
    6359 Billingtons Muscovado Light Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x500g
    22601 Billingtons Natural Molasses Sugar BILLINGTONS 1x500g
    17480 Breadmaking Flour HEYGATES 1x1.5kg
    36515 *CRG Baking Powder COUNTRYRANGE 1x900g
    1227 *CRG Bicarbonate of Soda COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.05kg
    52234 *CRG Cocoa Powder (Reduced Fat) COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    43438 *CRG Cream of Tartar COUNTRYRANGE 1x790g
    4370 *CRG Maple/Agave Syrup Squeezy COUNTRYRANGE 1x620g
    43728 *CRG Plain Flour COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    58210 *CRG Self Raising Flour 1.5kg COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    13891 *CRG Skimmed Milk Powder 2kg COUNTRYRANGE 1x2kg
    6046 Carnation Evaporated Milk CARNATION 1x410g
    32325 Carnation Sweet Condensed Milk CARNATION 1x397g
    3935 Chick Pea (Gram) Flour KTC 1x1kg
    47414 Cocoa Powder Bournville CADBURYS 1x1.5kg
    2949 Cocoa Powder Extra Brut CACAO BARRY 1x1kg
    8260 Crackle Crystals EN PLACE 1x500g
    4793 Crackle Crystals Chocolate Enrobed EN PLACE 1x500g
    7670 Dessert Raspberry Sauce Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    38474 Dessert Sauce Belgian Chocolate Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    29083 Dessert Sauce Strawberry Drizzle Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    5687 Dessert Toffee Fudge Sauce Da Vinci DAVINCI 1x500g
    45612 Dessert Topping Maple Flavoured Syrup Macphie MACPHIE 1x500g
    3937 Doves Plain Flour G/F DOVES 1x1kg
    6934 Doves Self Raising Flour G/F DOVES 1x1kg
    3936 Doves White Bread Flour G/F DOVES 1x1kg
    44874 Fondant Icing Patissier DGF 1x1kg
    59459 Fondant Ready-Roll Icing DR OETKER 1x1kg
    37482 Glucose Syrup   1x1kg
    1061 La Perruche Brown Rough Cut Sugar Cubes LA PERRUCHE 1x1kg
    1062 La Perruche White Rough Cut Sugar Cubes LA PERRUCHE 1x1kg
    6016 Marshmallows Mini Pink & White   1x1kg
    43793 Marshmallows Mini White   1x1kg
    5723 Marshmallows Standard Pink & White   1x1kg
    9916 Meringue (Broken pieces) WESTMERINGUE 1x1kg
    15388 Natural Cane Molasses MERIDIAN 1x600g
    1315 Noels Stem Ginger in Syrup NOELS 1x1.05kg
    4654 Palm Sugar Paste   1x450g
    1213 Perpetual Snow DGF 1x1kg
    24950 Pomegranate Molasses CORTAS 1x300ml
    3939 Rice Flour 100% SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    1240 Rye Flour SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    76078 Sponge Fingers BONOMI 1x500g
    39904 Sugar Strands Chocolate DROETKER 1x700g
    79867 Sugar Strands Coloured DROETKER 1x700g
    4572 Tate & Lyle Black Treacle TATE & LYLE 1x454g
    4399 Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x2kg
    52550 Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar Cube TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    31225 Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup TATE & LYLE 1x750ml
    28937 Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup Maple Flavour TATE & LYLE 1x454g
    4408 Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    5199 Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar 500g box TATE & LYLE 1x500g
    4412 Tate & Lyle Jam Making Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    57264 Tate & Lyle White Sugar Cube TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    33568 Vanilla Bean Paste TAYLOR&COLLE 1x65g
    1624 Vanilla Bean Pure Extract TAYLOR 1x100ml
    23580 Vanilla Flavouring DROETKER 1x500ml
    1889 Vanilla Pods Large   1x10
    32701 Yeast Fresh Block SPRINGER 1x500g
    31608 Yeast Instant Active Dried Yeast MAURIPAN 1x500g
    Home Cereals & Preserves
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45074 Alpen No Added Sugar ALPEN 1x1.1kg
    35677 Alpen Original ALPEN 1x1.1kg
    4374 *CRG Honey Easy Squeezy COUNTRYRANGE 1x680g
    56451 Granola Hawaiian MORNFLAKE 1x500g
    49575 Granola Orchard MORNFLAKE 1x500g
    21616 Granola Original Raisin Honey Almond MORNFLAKE 1x500g
    45118 Honey Clear Runny BECKYS BEEZZ 1x12oz
    72750 Honey Clear Squeezy Gales GALES 1x300g
    17881 Honey Comb Cut Heather BECKYS BEEZZ 1xEach
    66362 Jam Blackcurrant Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    21361 Jam Blueberry & Lime HARVEST 1x340g
    14641 Jam Bumbleberry Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    46870 Jam Gooseberry & Elderflower Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    45273 Jam Raspberry Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    49003 Jam Rhubarb & Ginger Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    2262 Jam Strawberry Finest Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    51174 Kelloggs All-Bran Bran Flakes KELLOGG'S 1x750g
    10974 Kelloggs Coco Pops KELLOGG'S 1x295g
    68409 Kelloggs Corn Flakes KELLOGG'S 1x450g
    14843 Kelloggs Frosties KELLOGG'S 1x375g
    2870 Kelloggs Mixed Kelloggs Portion Pack KELLOGG'S 1x35
    77029 Kelloggs Rice Krispies KELLOGG'S 1x340g
    17768 Lotus Biscoff Spread Smooth LOTUS 1x400g
    2270 Marmalade Vintage Thick Cut Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    59379 Marmalade with Ginger Harvest HARVEST 1x340g
    21181 Marmite Jar MARMITE 1x250g
    73470 Nestle Cheerios NESTLE 1x375g
    54843 Nestle Harvest Home Corn Flakes NESTLE 1x500g
    62438 Nestle Harvest Home Crisp Rice NESTLE 1x550g
    55111 Nestle Shreddies Cereal NESTLE 1x415g
    49729 Nutella Chocolate Spread NUTELLA 1x750g
    6603 Oatmeal Medium 1kg SUNCATCHER 1x1kg
    1359 Peanut Butter Crunchy Sunpat SUNPAT 1x200g
    1360 Peanut Butter Smooth Sunpat SUNPAT 1x200g
    45031 Weetos WEETABIX 1x350g
    Home Sauces
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    64366 American Mustard SAUCE SHOP 1x480g
    54372 Beetroot Ketchup SAUCE SHOP 1x480g
    14114 Branston Pickle ORIGINAL BRANSTON 1x360g
    22218 Brown Sauce SAUCE SHOP 1x520g
    2820 *CRG Sauce Sweet Chilli Dipping COUNTRYRANGE 1x700ml
    2813 Curry Paste Thai Red Mae Ploy MAE PLOY 1x400g
    2814 Curry Paste Thai Green Mae Ploy MAE PLOY 1x400g
    1370 HP Sauce Brown HP 1x255g
    1376 Heinz Ketchup Tomato Opaque HEINZ 1x342g
    15717 Heinz Mayonnaise Table Top Squeezable HEINZ 1x220ml
    38365 Heinz Salad Cream Squeezable HEINZ 1x425g
    75027 Hellmanns Mayonnaise Real Squeezy HELLMANN'S 1x430ml
    20534 Hellmanns Sauce Smokey BBQ HELLMANNS 1x430ml
    1377 Hellmans Classic Vinaigrette HELLMANN'S 1x1lt
    32279 Hellmans Honey & Mustard Dressing HELLMANN'S 1x1lt
    68794 Ketchup Tomato SAUCE SHOP 1x510g
    70038 Mayonnaise Vegan   1x500ml
    77680 Original BBQ Sauce SAUCE SHOP 1x515g
    1514 Quince Jelly Membrillo Paste   1x400g
    2821 Sauce Oyster Tiger Tiger TIGER TIGER 1x700g
    2815 Sauce Satay JIMMYS 1x360g
    8517 Sauce Soy KIKKOMAN 1x150ml
    52964 Sauce Soy G/F CHAIN KWO 1x500ml
    2825 Sauce Soy Light Lee Kum Kee LEE KUM KEE 1x500ml
    28958 Sauce Sweet & Sour Plum Mae Ploy MAE PLOY 1x730ml
    19255 Sauce Sweet Chilli Dipping Mae Ploy MAE PLOY 1x920g
    62728 Smokey Chipotle Mayo SAUCE SHOP 1x425g
    1654 Tabasco Green Sauce TABASCO 1x60ml
    1652 Tabasco Red Sauce TABASCO 1x350ml
    1653 Tabasco Red Sauce TABASCO 1x60ml
    Home Vegetarian and Vegan
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    37636 Milk Oat UHT Alpro ALPRO 1x1lt
    75657 Milk Roasted Almond Alpro ALPRO 1x1lt
    54322 Milk Soya Sweetened Alpro ALPRO 1x1lt
    4218 Milk Soya Unsweetened SOLEIL 1x1lt
    46118 New Forest Salted Caramel Vegan Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    32704 New Forest Vanilla Pod Vegan Ice cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    77856 Oatly Barista Edition Oat Drink OATLY 1x1lt
    37218 Quorn Mince QUORN 1x1kg
    19302 Quorn Pieces QUORN 1x1kg
    44642 Silken Tofu Blue Dragon BLUE DRAGON 1x349g
    23529 Vegan Grated Pizza Topping   1x200g
    57141 Vegan Sliced Cheese KOLIOS 1x200g
    30076 Vegan White Style Cheddar   1x200g
    Home Frozen Ready Meals
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    26905 Bisto Bangers & Mash Peas & Gravy BISTO 1x375g
    64552 Bisto Beef Lasagne BISTO 1x375g
    47462 Bisto Cauliflower Cheese BISTO 1x375g
    59114 Bisto Chilli Con Carne Classic BISTO 1x375g
    19660 Bisto Cottage Pie BISTO 1x375g
    43634 Bisto Macaroni Cheese Classic BISTO 1x375g
    58474 Bisto Roast Beef Dinner BISTO 1x400g
    59452 Bisto Roast Chicken Dinner BISTO 1x400g
    19565 Bisto Spaghetti Bolognese BISTO 1x375g
    25209 Pizza Chicago Town Four Cheese Stuffed 30cm CHICAGOTOWN 1x2
    42750 Pizza Chicago Town Manhattan Meaty 30cm CHICAGOTOWN 1x9
    77836 Pizza Chicken & Bacon CHICAGOTOWN 1x495g
    66235 Pizza Manhattan Meaty CHICAGOTOWN 1x655g
    16671 Pizza Stuffed Pepperoni CHICAGOTOWN 1x2
    58668 Sharwoods Chicken Chinese Curry & Rice SHARWOODS 1x375g
    16240 Sharwoods Chicken Korma & Rice SHARWOODS 1x375g
    18454 Sharwoods Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice SHARWOODS 1x375g
    Frozen Potatoes & Veg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5302 Beans Green Cut GREENS 1x1kg
    2489 Broad Beans Extra Fine 14mm GREENS 1x1kg
    2490 *CRG Beans Whole Green Very Fine 8mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    17933 *CRG Crispy Coated Skin On Fries 9x9mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    17113 *CRG Mashed Potato COUNTRYRANGE 1x2.5kg
    9491 *CRG Onion Rings Beer Battered COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2505 *CRG Peas Fancy Garden Grade A COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2506 *CRG Peas Petit Pois AA Grade COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2509 *CRG Swede Diced10/10mm COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    2499 *CRG Sweetcorn Niblets Grade A COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    8758 Cepes (Porcini)   1x1kg
    7613 Corn Bay Whole GREENS 1x1kg
    2498 Corn On the Cob 2 pieces GREENS 1x2pcs
    52520 Edamame Whole Soya Beans Shelled   1x500g
    41776 Extra Large Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes BANNISTERS 1x10
    59296 Lamb Weston Hash Brown Triangles LAMB WESTON 1x1kg
    62627 Lamb Weston Potato Puffs LAMB WESTON 1x1kg
    31725 Lamb Weston Twisters Seasoned LAMB WESTON 1x2.5kg
    60960 Lamb Weston Wedges Seasoned LAMB WESTON 1x2.5kg
    16531 Lutosa Xtra Crispy Allumettes 7x7mm LUTOSA 1x2.5kg
    2501 Mushrooms Breaded GREENS 1x1kg
    64605 Onions Diced Frozen 10/10mm GREENS 1x1kg
    2503 Onions Pearl (Button/Silverskin) GREENS 1x1kg
    14841 Parsnips Roasted Honey GREENS 1x1kg
    9541 Peas Birds Eye BIRDS EYE 1x1.3kg
    2508 Spinach Leaf portions 40g GREENS 1x1kg
    74633 Tempura Vegetable Mix KITCHENRANGE 1x1kg
    Home Frozen Fish
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    21668 *CRG Fish Pie Mix Frozen COUNTRYRANGE 1x350g
    78698 *CRG King Prawns Peeled & Deveined 20% Glaze COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    76528 *CRG King prawns 26/30 700g N.D.W. COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    22936 *CRG Salmon Portion 170-200g COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    2455 *CRG Scampi Wholetail Breaded COUNTRYRANGE 1x454g
    9455 Crabmeat Orkney 50/50 SEAHAWK 1x450g
    53033 King Prawns in Filo Pastry 21/26 SEAHAWK 1x500g
    49017 Squid Chunks Salt & Pepper PACIFIC WEST 1x1kg
    7406 Squid Rings Battered SEAHAWK 1x500g
    52068 Whitebait Coated SEAHAWK 1x454g
    Home Frozen Meat
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    69128 *CRG Chicken BBQ Marinated Wings COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    4557 *CRG Chicken Hot & Spicy Marinated Wings COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    27164 *CRG Chicken Nuggets Battered COUNTRYRANGE 1x1kg
    39046 *CRG Chicken Steaks Battered 85g COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.02kg
    28285 Chicken Breast Diced 12mm   1x2.5kg
    26922 Chicken Cooked Steamed Strips 12mm   1x2.5kg
    67735 Chicken Whole Fillet   1x2.5kg
    Home Frozen Bread&Pastry
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    28084 Bloomer Malthouse Uncut Reeve REEVE 1xloaf
    25659 Bloomer Sliced White Bread 14+2 Roberts FRANKROBERTS 1 x loaf
    69517 Bloomer White Uncut Reeve REEVE 1xloaf
    43213 Bread Sliced Malted Brown Thick 14+2 Roberts ROBERTS 1xloaf
    36102 Bread Sliced Multi Seed G/F GENIUS 1x535g
    62426 Bread Sliced White G/F GENIUS 1x535g
    20097 Bread Sliced White Thick 14+2 Roberts ROBERTS 1xloaf
    2996 *CRG Puff Pastry Block COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    5050 *CRG Quiche Cheese & Onion COUNTRYRANGE 1x12"
    5051 *CRG Quiche Lorraine (Ham,Shallot,Mature Cheddar) COUNTRYRANGE 1x12"
    25451 *CRG Quiche Mediterranean Vegetable COUNTRYRANGE 1x12"
    75247 *CRG Quiche Tomato & Basil COUNTRYRANGE 1x12"
    2999 *CRG Shortcrust Pastry Block COUNTRYRANGE 1x1.5kg
    2995 Jus Rol Pastry Filo JUSROL 1x500g
    72693 Quiche Brie, SunDried Tomato & Red Pepper PEAKHOUSE 1x10"
    5049 Quiche Broccoli & Stilton with Wholegrain Pastry PEAKHOUSE 1x10"
    Home Ice Cream & Desserts
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    59960 Gateau Black Forest MADEMOISELLE 1x9"
    63084 Gateau Strawberry MADEMOISELLE 1x9"
    31623 New Forest Dairy Chocolate Ganache NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    24236 New Forest Dairy Iced Latte NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    53066 New Forest Dairy Mint Chocolate Crisp NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    41405 New Forest Dairy Rhubarb & Ginger NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    71953 New Forest Dairy Salted Caramel Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    50630 New Forest Dairy Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    14384 New Forest Dairy Vanilla Pod Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    63695 New Forest Lemon & Lime Sorbet NEWFORESTICE 1x500ml
    46118 New Forest Salted Caramel Vegan Ice Cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    32704 New Forest Vanilla Pod Vegan Ice cream NEWFORESTICE 1x2.4lt
    Home Confectionery
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73016 Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars Cadburys CADBURYS 1x4
    57580 Dairy Milk Duo Bars Cadburys CADBURYS 1x4
    48167 Double Decker Duo Bars Cadburys CADBURYS 1x4
    63679 Eat Natural Almond & Apricot Bars EAT NATURAL 1x12
    67162 Eat Natural Almond & Sultana Bars EAT NATURAL 1x12
    75676 Eat Natural Cashew & Blueberry Bars EAT NATURAL 1x12
    50721 Eat Natural Extra Protein Bars EAT NATURAL 1x12
    11338 Eat Natural High Fibre Bars EAT NATURAL 1x12
    38681 Eat Natural Protein Packed Bars EAT NATURAL 1x12
    42831 Hand Cooked Fairfields Crisps Variety Multipack FAIRFIELDS 24x40g
    63645 Wispa Duo Bars Cadburys CADBURYS 1x4
    Home Hot Beverages
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    22698 Beans Coffee Four Corners Blend UCCCOFFEE 1x500g
    77882 Beans Coffee Grand Cafe Decaffeinated UCCCOFFEE 1x200g
    39913 Beans Coffee Lyons Cafe Mocha UCCCOFFEE 1x500g
    49227 Beans Coffee ThreeSixty Rain Forest Alliance Blend UCCCOFFEE 1x500g
    53408 Bovril Beef Flavour Drink BOVRIL 1x450g
    31890 *CRG String & Tag Tea Bags COUNTRYRANGE 1x100
    71180 Canderel Sweetner Tablets CANDEREL 1x100
    66246 Drinking Chocolate Add Milk CADBURYS 1x1kg
    59319 Grand Cafe FT Beans UCCCOFFEE 1x500g
    66322 Granules Coffee Nescafe Azera Americano AZERA 1x500g
    7794 Ovaltine OVALTINE 1x800g
    4408 Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar TATE & LYLE 1x1kg
    72822 Teabags String & Tagged Decaffeinated Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x80
    38873 Teabags String & Tagged Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x100
    22955 Teabags Tag & Enveloped Sunshine Lemon & Ginger Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    27801 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Blackberry Syllabub Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    20952 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Cool Camomile Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    1148 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Decaffeinated Tetley TETLEY 1x25
    44305 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Earl Grey Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    66766 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Foraged Fruits Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    65230 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Green Teabags with Sunshine Lemon DORSET TEA 1x20
    48966 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Pure Green Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    15320 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Strawberries & Cream Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    48600 Teabags Tag and Enveloped Wild About Mint Dorset Tea DORSET TEA 1x20
    Home Soft Drinks
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    3262 *CRG Juice Apple 1lt COUNTRYRANGE 1x1lt
    3263 *CRG Juice Cranberry COUNTRYRANGE 1x1lt
    54926 *CRG Juice Orange 1lt COUNTRYRANGE 1x1lt
    3165 *CRG Juice Pineapple 1lt COUNTRYRANGE 1x1lt
    33979 Coca Cola Bottle PMP COCA COLA 1x1.5ltr
    18045 Coca Cola Zero Bottle PMP COCA COLA 1x1.75lt
    5222 Cordial Apple & Blackcurrant N.A.S. Robinsons ROBINSONS 1x1.75lt
    3559 Cordial Elderflower Bottle Green BOTTLE GREEN 1x50cl
    3009 Cordial Lemon Cordial N.A.S. Robinsons ROBINSONS 1x1.75lt
    57313 Cordial Lemon N.A.S. Robinsons ROBINSONS 12x1lt
    7791 Cordial Orange N.A.S. Robinsons ROBINSONS 1x1.75lt
    52835 Cordial Orange N.A.S. Robinsons ROBINSONS 12x1ltr
    46033 Diet Coca Cola Bottle PMP COCA COLA 1x1.75lt
    58424 Diet Lemonade PMP BARR'S 1x2ltr
    74539 Fresh Apple Juice Village Press VILLAGEPRESS 1x1lt
    4910 Juice Beetroot CAWSTONPRESS 1x1ltr
    6406 Juice Beetroot BIOTTA 1x500ml
    45280 Juice Carrot Organic BIOTTA 1x500ml
    10579 Juice Fresh Orange Village Press VILLAGEPRESS 1x1lt
    3264 Juice Grapefruit KULANA 1x1lt
    4702 Juice Lemon BOWES HILL 1x1lt
    25563 Juice Lime POLENGHI 1x1lt
    24833 Juice Prune JUICEPRESS 1x1lt
    3167 Juice Tomato KULANA 1x1lt
    41656 Lemonade PMP BARR'S 1x2ltr
    44820 Pip Organic Cloudy Apple Juice PIP ORGANIC 4x180ml
    27636 Pip Organic Fruity Water Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Apple PIP ORGANIC 4x200ml
    26237 Pip Organic Fruity Water Mango, Orange & Apple PIP ORGANIC 4x200ml
    41458 Pip Organic Smoothie Pineapple & Mango PIP ORGANIC 4x180ml
    68846 Pip Organic Smoothie Strawberry, Banana & Purple Carrot PIP ORGANIC 4x180ml
    72934 Pip Organic Strawberry & Blackcurrant Juice PIP ORGANIC 4x180ml
    27030 R Whites Lemonade R WHITES 1x2ltr
    58264 Schweppes Diet Lemonade SCHWEPPES 1x2ltr
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    79160 Amber Ale Sharp's Doom Bar SHARPS 8x500ml
    38444 Budweiser Lager Beer Bottle PMP BUDWEISER 6x300ml
    70452 Budweiser Lager Beer Cans BUDWEISER 10x440ml
    47266 Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer CRABBIE'S 1x500ml
    44451 Fosters Lager PMP FOSTERS 4x568ml
    68608 Guinness Draught Stout Beer Surger Can GUINNESS 4x520ml
    53793 John Smith's Extra Smooth JOHN SMITH'S 10x440ml
    70276 Marston's Pedigree Pale Ale MARSTON'S 8x500ml
    27416 Old Speckled Hen Pale Ale MORLAND 8x500ml
    13832 Peroni Nastro Azzurro PERONI 4x330ml
    10632 Stella Artois Lager Cans PMP STELLA ARTOI 4x500ml
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    69991 Kopparberg Premium Cider with Mixed Fruit KOPPARBERG 1x500ml
    70760 Kopparberg Premium Cider with Strawberry & Lime KOPPARBERG 1x500ml
    37150 Stowford Press Apple Cider STOWFORD PRE 4x440ml
    33835 Thatchers Gold Cider THATCHERS GO 10x440ml
    White Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    47907 53 Chenin Blanc Stellenrust (barrel fermented) STELLENRUST 1x75cl
    10636 Chardonnay Journeys End Haystack JOURNEYS END 1x75cl
    45135 Chardonnay Terre Forti Trebbiano TERRE FORTE 1x75cl
    64430 Gallo Family Chardonnay GALLO 1x75cl
    75406 Gallo Family Pinot Grigio GALLO 1x75cl
    34658 Gallo Family Sauvignon Blanc GALLO 1x75cl
    62275 Grillo Sicilia Naturalmente Organic Wine NATURALMENTE 1x75cl
    52178 Hardy's Sauvignon Blanc HARDYS 1x75cl
    57325 Hidden Road Pinot Grigio HIDDEN ROAD 1x75cl
    70067 Oyster Bay Chardonnay OYSTER BAY 1x75cl
    63310 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc OYSTER BAY 1x75cl
    15466 Pinot Grigio Alios Lageder Riff ALIOSLAGEDER 1x75cl
    51360 Pinot Grigio La Maglia Rosa LA MAGLIA 1x75cl
    33063 Sauvignon Blanc Lorosco Reserva LOROSCO 1x75cl
    Red Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    71289 Cabernet Sauvignon Hardys HARDYS 1x75cl
    11931 Cabernet Sauvignon Nyala NYALA 1x75cl
    35555 Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo Red Wine CAMPO VIEJO 1x75cl
    50715 Casmatta Toscana Rosso Bibi Graetz BIBI GRAETZ 1x75cl
    54397 Gallo Family Merlot GALLO 1x75cl
    64510 Grenache Rouge Petit Papillon PETIT PAPILL 1x75cl
    55104 Hardys Shiraz Merlot HARDYS 1x75cl
    69445 Hidden Road Shiraz HIDDEN ROAD 1x75cl
    75767 Malbec Argento ARGENTO 1x75cl
    34298 Malbec Catena Appellation Vista Flores CATENA 1x75cl
    36320 Oyster Bay Hawkes Bay Merlot OYSTER BAY 1x75cl
    70972 Rioja Lagrimas De Graciano LAGRAMIS DE 1x75cl
    59626 Sangiovese Ponte Miliano PONTE MILIAN 1x75cl
    77314 Yellow Tail Malbec YELLOW TAIL 1x75cl
    Rose Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    47110 Gallo Family White Zinfandel Rose Wine GALLO 1x75cl
    45682 Hidden Road White Zinfandel Rose Wine HIDDEN ROAD 1x75cl
    15873 Rose Chateau Saint Roux Organic de Pays des Maures CHATEAU SAIN 1x75cl
    Wines - Local
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50553 English Sparkling Wine'Cossack'Vintage 2014 from Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    67449 Madeleine Angevine 2018 White Wine, Danebury in Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    13469 Reserve 2017 Dry White Wine from Danebury in Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    73285 Schonburger 2017 Dry White Wine By Danebury in Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    Sparkling Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    28578 Bollinger Special Curvee NV BOLLINGER 1x75cl
    77447 Laurent-Perrier La Curvee LAURENTPERRI 1x75cl
    39024 Nyetimber Classic Curvee, England NYETIMBER 1x75cl
    38451 Prosecco Aqualta Fizzante Treviso AQUALTA 1x75cl
    69775 Prosecco Vino Spumante VINO SPUMANT 1x75cl
    36519 Veuve Clicquot Brut NV VEUVECLICQUO 1x75cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50157 Bacardi Blanca White Rum PMP BACARDI 1x70cl
    31601 Captain Morgan Dark Rum PMP CAPTAIN MORG 1x70cl
    71546 Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum PMP CAPTAIN MORG 1x70cl
    35244 Dark Matter Spiced Rum DARK MATTER 1x70cl
    70685 Kraken Black Spiced Rum KRAKEN 1x70cl
    16862 Malibu Original White Rum with Coconut Flavour MALIBU 1x70cl
    51649 Plantation 5 Year Old Rum PLANTATION 1x70cl
    77212 Two Swallows Rum TWO SWALLOWS 1x50cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73549 Bombay Sapphire Gin BOMBAY SAPPH 1x70cl
    59860 Gordon's Dry Gin PMP GORDON'S 1x70cl
    68246 London Dry Gin River Test RIVER TEST 1x70cl
    43651 London Dry Gin Sipsmith SIPSMITH 1x70cl
    33716 Tanqueray Gin TANQUERAY 1x70cl
    29332 Terres De Mistral Pink Gin TERRES DE 1x70cl
    47743 Twisted Nose Award Winning Gin TWISTED NOSE 1x70cl
    22558 Winchester Dry Award Winning Gin WINCHESTER 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    31198 Absolut Vodka ABSOLUT 1x70cl
    74125 Black Cow Pure Milk Flavoured Vodka BLACK COW 1x70cl
    59150 Chapel Down Chardonnay Vodka CHAPEL DOWN 1x70cl
    13160 Smirnoff Red Label Vodka PMP SMIRNOFF 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    55371 Cask Islay Single Malt Whisky ISLAY 1x70cl
    73132 Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky GLENFIDDICH 1x70cl
    59038 Jack Daniel's Old No7 Tennessee Whiskey PMP JACK DANIELS 1x70cl
    53688 Monkey Shoulder Whisky MONKEYSSHOUL 1x70cl
    74114 Southern Comfort SOUTHERNCOMF 1x70cl
    64797 Suntory Hibiki 12 Year Old HIBIKI 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    13243 Brandy Courvoisier V.S. Fine Cognac COURVOISIER 1x70cl
    1025 Brandy Napoleon C DUPRE 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    52433 Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur BAILEYS 1x70cl
    25965 Bells Blended Scotch Whisky PMP BELLS 1x70cl
    50573 Espolon Blanco Tequila ESPOLON 1x70cl
    10134 Espolon Reposado Tequila ESPOLON 1x70cl
    25581 Pimm's No.1 Cup PIMM'S 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45760 Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Fino Sherry WESTMINSTER 1x70cl
    1027 Old Westminster Reserve Cream Sherry WESTMINSTER 1x70cl
    Tonics & Mixers
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    78759 Fever-Tree Premium Soda Water FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    48876 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Elderflower Tonic FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    29086 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Ale FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    11289 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    66586 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic Water FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    50063 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Premium Lemonade FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    27094 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    35700 Fever-Tree Tonic Water Premium Indian FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    49027 Tonic Water Carters Royal Indian CARTERS ROYA 1x1ltr
    Household Cleaning
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    69915 Antiviral Disinfectant V1 en:14476   1x750ml
    4497 *CRG Aerosol Furniture Polish COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    4453 *CRG Air & Fabric Spray Refreshener COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    4454 *CRG Air Freshener Cranberry COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    8863 *CRG Air Freshener Lemon COUNTRYRANGE 1x400ml
    4514 *CRG Bathroom Cleaner Spray COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    21971 *CRG Bleached Dishcloth COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    5067 *CRG Cloth All Purpose Blue COUNTRYRANGE 1x50
    4477 *CRG Glass/Window Cleaner Trigger COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    13632 *CRG Scouring Sponge 14x9cm COUNTRYRANGE 1x10
    64759 *CRG Toilet Cleaner COUNTRYRANGE 1x750ml
    4459 *CRG Wet Wipes Antibacterial Surface COUNTRYRANGE 1x150sh
    9592 Plenty Kitchen Roll PLENTY 1x4
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    48571 Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Spray SPF50 AMBRESOLAIRE 1x200ml
    41155 Anti-perspirant Deodorant Dove Original Compressed (Women's) DOVE 1x75ml
    66109 Anti-perspirant Deodorant Sure Men Quantum Dry Aerosol SURE 1x150ml
    56849 Coconut & Lychee Nourishing Shampoo PMP ALBERTOBALSA 1x350ml
    63935 Deodorant Bodyspray Lynx Africa PMP LYNX 1x200ml
    46834 Dove Soap Fresh Touch Beauty Cream Bars Cucumber & Green Tea DOVE 1x4 pack
    60151 Face Clean Wipes Simple SIMPLE 1x25's
    75404 Lynx Gold Anti White Marks Anit-perspirant Deodorant For Men LYNX 1x200ml
    37582 Shower Cream Sweets Marshmallow Imperial Leather IMPERIAL LEA 1x250ml
    44492 Shower Gel Lynx Africa LYNX 1x250ml
    27770 Shower Gel Men Expert 5 in 1 L'OREAL 1x300ml
    65515 Shower Gel Original Carex CAREX 1x500ml
    15528 Soap Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar DOVE 1x2x100g
    11118 Sure Men Invisible Ice Anti-perspirant SURE 1x150ml
    29194 Sure Women Bright Bouquet Anti-perspirant Deodorant Aerosol SURE 1x150ml
    18799 Toothbrush Wisdom Regular Fresh Medium WISDOM 1xeach
    37408 Toothpaste Aquafresh Triple Protection AQUAFRESH 1x125ml
    32003 VO5 Give Me Moisture Conditioner VO5 1x250ml
    16569 VO5 Give Me Moisture Shampoo VO5 1x250ml
    Baby Care
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    21898 Ella's Kitchen Chicken Casserole With Rice ELLA KITCHEN 6x130g
    24538 Ella's Kitchen Organic Lamb Roast Dinner ELLA KITCHEN 6x130g
    76835 Ella's Kitchen Rice Pudding Baby Food ELLA KITCHEN 6x80g
    32705 Ella's Kitchen Spaghetti Bolognese ELLA KITCHEN 6x130g
    60816 Ella's Kitchen Strawberry & Apple Baby Food ELLA KITCHEN 7x120g
    70652 Huggies Baby Wipes Pure 4 pack (56 wipes/pack) HUGGIES 1x4 pack
    52154 Johnsons Cotton Buds J & J 1x100
    23737 Pampers Nappies Baby-Dry Size 3 6-10kg Carry Pack PAMPERS 1x30pk
    10590 Pampers Nappies Baby-Dry Size 4 9-14kg PAMPERS 1x44pk
    35318 Pampers Nappies Baby-Dry Size 5 11-16kg PAMPERS 1x39pk
    79187 Pampers Nappies Baby-Dry Size 6 13-18kg PAMPERS 1x33pk
    57512 Pampers Nappies Size 1 Premium Protection 2-5kg Carry Pack PAMPERS 1x22pk
    Pet Care
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    56645 Beef & Veg Dry Dog Food PMP BAKERS 1x1kg
    46770 Chicken & Tripe Loaf Recipe Dog Food Tin BUTCHER'S 1x400g
    74088 Dog Food Butcher's Tripe Mix BUTCHER'S 1x400g
    71845 Doggie Doo Bags Snappies SNAPPIES 1x20
    41630 Felix As Good As it Looks Favourites Cat Food PMP FELIX 12x100g
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    49692 Compost 40 litre   1x40ltr
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