Harvest Brexit Statement

Harvest Brexit Statement

Harvest Brexit Statement

November 2020

With only 2 months to go until the UK leaves the EU transitional trade relationship (31st December 2020), all businesses face uncertainty around the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations. It is looking increasingly likely that we will end up in a ‘No Deal’ situation meaning we will revert to WTO Trade Tariffs and Customs checks at ports.

Harvest are working hard with our suppliers and our respective trade associations to ensure continuity of supply. Our buying team at Country Range HQ (of which we are trade partners) are busy continuing to monitor and assess supply chains in the event of a “No Deal Brexit”.

One of the over-riding concerns has been continuity of supply and physically getting products into the UK. We have been communicating regularly with our suppliers, many of whom are bulking up stock levels in the UK both for high volume stock lines as well as raw ingredients to go through the manufacturing process. Some suppliers have bought ahead on currency to try and mitigate against currency fluctuations arising from devaluation of the Pound.

Harvest have also been working to ensure continuity of supply of our own high-volume products by increasing our surplus stock levels to carry us through any uncertainty.

With regard to fresh produce (fruit & veg), because of its short shelf life, stock is delivered into the UK on a daily basis. While we are able to bulk up on long life product we are unable to increase our holding on fresh products due to the nature of the shelf life. We are envisaging fresh stock shortages coming into the UK at the start of January and significant delays at Port which at best case will be a 24 hour delay. This will mean the fresh products have already lost 24 hours life once we receive them but may not be available for several days.

Harvest strives to buy UK and local produce wherever possible. We would encourage all our customers to review our seasonality calendar on our web site and plan your menus around  UK seasonal availability and buy British and local   https://harvestfinefoods.co.uk/seasonal-inspirations/.  

Short life Dairy products are predominantly from UK sources and we do not foresee any issues with supply of products such as fresh milk and cream.

In anticipation of Brexit, Harvest have acted to increase the supplier base, increase stock holding, secure additional storage and engage a customs agent to handle import documentation

In the event of a “No Deal Brexit” the UK will revert to WTO terms and there is a strong likelihood of price changes as a result of these new tariffs.  We will do our best to keep you informed but we reserve the right to make price amendments should this situation arise. Current government predictions are that tariffs could increase the cost of food purchasing.