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OLIVES to get your juices going!

As agents for The Fresh Olive Company, we can offer you over 50 premium quality, authentic olive varieties and mixes. Whether you need the rare and expensive Tanches olives, early harvest Lucques olives from Carcassonne, Bella di Cerignola from Italy or one of our market inspired cocktail mixes - we have an olive for every occasion. Download Brochure

These olives are not pasteurised or heat-treated. They´re never dyed or spoiled by additives, stabilisers or colorants and we never put them in cans or tins. They are fresh, unadulterated, authentic and as fresh as if you had just bought them from a sun-baked Mediterranean market stall. Olives are naturally gluten free and have lots of other health benefits (read on)

Also from the Fresh Olive company:


Fresh Olives

Fresh Olive Co House Mix ( 3kg) - delicious, continuously changing mix

Queen Green (5kg) - very large green olives

Black Mammoth ( 5kg) - large, purple olives

Kalamata PDO ( 5kg) - purple olives in a red wine vinegar brine

Harlequin Olives (2.5kg) - large green and purple olives with herbs

Vinci Olives (2.5kg) - large pitted green olives with mushrooms, peppers & garlic

Pitted Kalamata (PDO) (5kg) - graded ‘Brilliant’, the classic Greek olive

Garlic Stuffed Olives (3kg) - large green olives hand stuffed with whole garlic cloves

Almond Stuffed Olives ( 3kg) – Speaks for itself really!

Speciality Olive Oils

Early Harvest Arbequina (tin) 1L

Infused Garlic Olive Oil 250ml

Infused Basil Olive Oil 250ml

Infused Chilli Olive Oil 250ml

Infused Truffle Olive Oil (Mas Portell) 250ml

Infused Cepe Olive Oil (Mas Portell) 250ml

Infused Oregano Olive Oil (Mas Portell) 250ml

Infused Rosemary Olive Oil (Mas Portell) 250ml

First Pressed Toasted Hazelnut Oil 250ml

First Pressed Toasted Walnut Oil 250ml

Lemon Oil 250m/750ml

Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml


VM100 Dijon Mustard 5kg

VM110 Wholegrain Mustard 5kg

Balsamic Vinegars

VB001 Balsamic No.8 250ml

VB002 Balsamic No.8 – Catering ‘Squeezy’ Pack 500ml

VZ011 White Balsamic Condiment (Belazu) 250ml

Speciality Vinegars

VM052 Merlot Vinegar (Mas Portell)* 500ml

VM055 Moscatel Vinegar (Mas Portell)* 500ml

VM050 Forum Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar 500ml

VM051 Forum Chardonnay Vinegar 250ml

VM030 Mas Portell Sherry Vinegar 50 yr OldSolera* 250ml

VM060 Aged Apple Vinegar 500ml


MA020 Semi Dried Tomatoes in Oil* 1kg

MA135 Grilled Aubergines 2kg

MA136 Grilled Courgettes 2kg

MA137 Grilled Mixed Peppers 2kg

MA070 Artichoke Hearts with Stalk 2kg

MA071 Artichoke Halves no Stalk 2kg

MA077 Chargrilled Artichoke Quarters 2kg

MA060 Antipasto †* 2kg

MA100 Balsamic Onions 2kg Subject to seasonal availability *


MM031 Rose Harissa 90g/1kg

MM032 Harissa 1kg

MM002 Capers lilliput(in vinegar)* 800g/3kg

MM050 Piquillo Peppers (wood roasted) * 225g

MM051 Piquillo Peppers (wood roasted) 1.9kg

MM061 Sweet Garlic with herbs2kg

MM043 Beldi Preserved Lemons 720g/5kg

Pestos & Pastes

PP011 Basil Paste (in vegetable oil) 1kg/5kg

PP002 Pesto* 1kg/5kg

PP004 Nut-free Pesto* 1kg/5kg

PP021 Red Pesto* 1kg

PA021 Black Olive Paste * 1kg/5kg

PA001 Black Olive Tapenade †90g

PA010 Green Olive Tapenade †90g

Truffle Products

PT002 White Truffle Oil 55ml/250ml

PT011 Black Truffle Oil 55ml/250ml


XR010 Carnaroli Risotto Rice 12 x1kg

XR001 Arborio Risotto Rice 12 x1kg